A Hiccup in the Path

You may have noticed a decided lack of therapy photos recently. And that's not just because Poirot is so dang cute that he's taking up my entire feed... We have been having some unexpected issues with our horse guy. First, if you remember, our lovely former racehorse, Sweet Lady, died very unexpectedly. We continued to … Continue reading A Hiccup in the Path



I have a problem... I have been asked to speak about my work with trafficked women. It's for a youth group I'm not actually involved in, but they are doing a series on tough topics, and a lady from the church used to work with my Dad and knows about what I've done in India. … Continue reading Quandary…

February Books

The Beach---Alex Garland I did not know what to expect from this book. I didn't have high hopes, knowing that it was turned into an early Leo DiCaprio movie (I do like him now, but even after starting to like him, I am not impressed with him in Titanic, and this was around that time … Continue reading February Books

The Wander Year

Week 40 of the 2018 Reading Challenge Book about travel---The Wander Year---Mike McIntyre I'm behind again after going to my sister's for a week. She lives in Salt Lake City, UT, and I read while I was there, but didn't finish the book I was reading, so I can't use it as a Oh, I … Continue reading The Wander Year

The Map of Salt and Stars

Week 35 of the 2018 Reading Challenge A book set in the Middle East: The Map of Salt and Stars by Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar "How many Polaroids are there of places that no longer exist?" Nour, a Syrian girl living in New York, is 12 when she loses her Father to cancer. Her Mother decides … Continue reading The Map of Salt and Stars

Misty of Chincoteague

Week 29 of the 2018 Reading Challenge A book that is considered a classic: Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry. Misty of Chincoteague is a fictional book based on real events. The wild/feral ponies on Assateague are real, though there is some debate on whether they are from a Spanish galleon, or simply descendants of … Continue reading Misty of Chincoteague

Stars of Fortune

Week 19 of the 2018 Reading Challenge This one is a few days late, because we've had some family stuff going on. But here you go. First book in a trilogy: Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts This is the first Nora Roberts book I’ve ever read. I picked up a stack of Nora Roberts books … Continue reading Stars of Fortune

Horse Therapy in India

In 2009, I went to India for the first time. I had heard about this organization that did horse therapy with survivors of human trafficking, and thought that sounded like it was right up my alley. Within about the first week of being in India, I was asked to research horse therapy for people with … Continue reading Horse Therapy in India

Just Say No

I'm not sure if it's just me, or if it's real, but it seemed to me during this last trip to India that there were more beggars and scams. And they were a lot more persistent and rude. I think part of it is because foreigners don't argue with them anymore. Tourists tend to just … Continue reading Just Say No

Yes or No on ESAs?

There has been a lot of drama about ESAs (Emotional Support Animals) lately. Especially about ESAs on planes, and how airlines and passengers should handle it. I have a bit of a tough time with my feelings about the whole thing, because I am sort of on both sides of the argument. First, I have … Continue reading Yes or No on ESAs?