Elements of Summer

Summer isn't my favourite season, but it is certainly the one with the most elemental activity. You have the earth popping up new stuff all over the place. Wind holding birds aloft as they enjoy the lovely thermals. Water warm enough for the enjoyment of people, animals, and birds alike. Oh, and the fish like it too... … Continue reading Elements of Summer


A Not-So-Pretty Peach Cake

If you look across the desserts that my family makes, we're not so into "pretty" desserts. I see people who make a plain cake, then spend hours decorating, and sometimes I think I want to do a cake like that. But then I change my mind. If I'm gonna  spend extra time on a recipe, … Continue reading A Not-So-Pretty Peach Cake

ACV Summer Salve

I have mentioned before that I have ridiculous spring/summer allergies. Not only that, but I also get polymorphic light eruptions, which is sort of like being allergic to the sun. Fortunately, I only get those on my hands. I've seen people who get them all over, and I can't even imagine it. Even with what … Continue reading ACV Summer Salve

Cold Sweet Potato-Ginger Soup

I like thick soup, even during the summer. But so many cold soups are more light and brothy, and I couldn't find any recipes for a cold soup with sweet potato. Mostly my searches turned up sweet potato soup to make when you have a cold. So I took matters into my own hands, and … Continue reading Cold Sweet Potato-Ginger Soup