A Hiccup in the Path

You may have noticed a decided lack of therapy photos recently. And that's not just because Poirot is so dang cute that he's taking up my entire feed... We have been having some unexpected issues with our horse guy. First, if you remember, our lovely former racehorse, Sweet Lady, died very unexpectedly. We continued to … Continue reading A Hiccup in the Path


Tea Field Ladies

I took a lot of photos I like this year, but this is one of my favourites. It isn't a high quality photo, being a photo of two photos. But it's the story behind the photos that means something to me. I was staying in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India, and had gone out to a … Continue reading Tea Field Ladies

Round and Round I Go

It's like I've come full circle as of this week. I'm back in Ooty for Hebron school's drama week. I promised the first dorm that I worked with that I would be back for their standard 13 drama week. Which is this year. Crazy...They were in standard 7 when I first started working with them, and now … Continue reading Round and Round I Go