Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk

Week 45 of the 2018 Reading Challenge I realized I missed a week, so here it is... A book recommended by a librarian: Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk by Kathleen Rooney First, just a little bit about this recommendation…During my road trip to Chincoteague, I popped into the Chincoteague Public Library. Just because I like libraries…I … Continue reading Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk


One Ping Only

Week 44 of the 2018 Reading Challenge An Adventure/espionage novel: The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy I have been meaning to read The Hunt for Red October, because the movie is one of my favourites (I even have a “Ramius submarine school t-shirt…) This week though, I decided to listen to it instead, because … Continue reading One Ping Only

Easy Pizza Sandwich

I was in the mood for something that was easy to make, but tasted like it took a little more time. I picked up a loaf of garlic bread from the overstock shelf at Wal-Mart, along with some fresh mozzarella (not from the overstock...), and I had a partial jar of tomato basil pasta sauce. … Continue reading Easy Pizza Sandwich

Let Them Eat Cake

Week 43 of the 2018 Reading Challenge A book set in a country you want to visit: Abundance by Sena Jeter Naslund (Set in France) Marie Antoinette is probably most widely known for saying the phrase, "Let them eat cake." Though it isn't a quote from her, but was first recorded when Marie Antoinette was a … Continue reading Let Them Eat Cake

Scare Me. But Not Too Much

I love a good psychological thriller. I find that people recommend all of the wrong movies when I say I enjoy horror films. They start talking about Halloween, and Saw and all of these other slasher films. But I'm not real keen on the gory, bloody movies. I don't like simple jump scares. I don't … Continue reading Scare Me. But Not Too Much

European Travel for the Monstrous Gentlewoman

Week 42 of the 2018 Reading Challenge A Book with over 600 pages: European Travel for the Monstrous Gentlewoman by Theodora Goss To be completely honest, I picked this book up thinking that it would be an actual travel book. The stickers from the library covered part of the title on the spine…I still would have … Continue reading European Travel for the Monstrous Gentlewoman

The Obituary Society

Week 41 of the 2018 Reading Challenge With food on the cover: The Obituary Society by Jessica L. Randall At first glance, The Obituary Society looks like one of your typical “Hallmark style” novels which are all over Kindle. Lila has moved to Nebraska to take care of her Grandfather’s affairs after he passed away. She … Continue reading The Obituary Society

Child of the Jurassic

I am a child of the Jurassic Park Era. I was too young to see the first two in theatres (protective parents), but saw the third one three times in the theatre. I love them all, with Lost World being my least favourite, of course. Though I still like it. When they started with the … Continue reading Child of the Jurassic

The Wander Year

Week 40 of the 2018 Reading Challenge Book about travel---The Wander Year---Mike McIntyre I'm behind again after going to my sister's for a week. She lives in Salt Lake City, UT, and I read while I was there, but didn't finish the book I was reading, so I can't use it as a Oh, I … Continue reading The Wander Year

The Awakening

Week 39 of the 2018 Reading Challenge A book written before 1920: The Awakening by Kate Chopin Edna Pontellier is a woman ahead of her time. Married into a culture she doesn’t quite understand, she reaches a point where she doesn’t want to run her household like “en bonne menagere”, a good housewife. She would rather … Continue reading The Awakening