Keeps On Tickin’

This week's theme is Time. The photo is of a deer skull I found out in the woods while walking the dogs. He has apparently been sitting out there for some time, considering the moss and damage to the skull. Despite this, he's a pretty impressive specimen. Next  week will be "Upside Down". If you want to … Continue reading Keeps On Tickin’


Love Wins

Week 52 of the 2018 Reading Challenge A book with bad reviews: Love Wins by Rob Bell I remember a time when Rob Bell and his Nooma videos were The Thing in modern, hip youth groups. He was cool, he was artsy, he said things in ways that made teenagers want to listen (whether they … Continue reading Love Wins

Evolving in Monkey Town

Week 51 of the 2018 Reading Challenge A Book that challenges your viewpoint: Evolving in Monkey Town by Rachel Held Evans "The mystery lies not in God's unfathomable wrath but in his unfathomable mercy." Monkey Town makes me think of the part in The Last Battle, where they meet the young Calormene soldier, Emeth, in … Continue reading Evolving in Monkey Town


This year, instead of a reading challenge, I'll be doing a weekly photo challenge. Hopefully I'll finish this one this year... The first challenge is " the beginning" This photo was taken a couple of minutes after midnight. I'd given my dogs some treats, and then took this picture. This one was later that day, … Continue reading Yourself

Poems of Fun and Fancy

Week 50 of the 2018 Reading Challenge A book you already have on your shelf: Poems of Fun and Fancy by Assorted Poets I've had this book for a while. Used to actually read some of the poems to my pony while she ate. It kept her focused and made her drop less feed on … Continue reading Poems of Fun and Fancy

Calvin and Hobbes

Week 48 of the 2018 Reading Challenge Published the year you were born: Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson It's been a while since I've done a Calvin and Hobbes book, but it was the first book on my shelf published the year I was born. This is the first Calvin and Hobbes book ever published. … Continue reading Calvin and Hobbes


Week 47 of the 2018 Reading Challenge Any Book from the 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards: Artemis by Andy Weir You may think that a book about a colony on the moon, written by “a lifelong space nerd and a devoted hobbyist of subjects such as relativistic physics, orbital mechanics, and the history of manned spaceflight” would … Continue reading Artemis

Wild Medicinals in the Hunger Games

I’ve been listening to some audiobooks I’ve not heard in a while. I have a tendency to relisten to the Harry Potter books all the time (oh my goodness, have you ever heard an audiobook reader better than Jim Dale? If you say yes, I may have to fight you on that :~) ….). So … Continue reading Wild Medicinals in the Hunger Games

The Hours

Week 46 of the 2018 Reading Challenge A book that has won a Pulitzer Prize: The Hours by Michael Cunningham I definitely should not have read The Hours just after Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk. They had a very similar feel. However, instead of having an ultimately positive attitude like Lillian Boxfish did, the women in … Continue reading The Hours