No Spoilers

In 2015, I did a road trip out west. I knew that my destination was going to be Salt Lake City, UT, and I would be going up to Yellowstone on my way back. But I wanted to see some interesting places on the way out there. I figured out my general route, then flipped … Continue reading No Spoilers

A Year of Les Mis

I recently learned that there are 365 chapter in Les Miserables. Which just happens to be my favourite book. I recently started rereading it, but when I saw this, about 365 chapters, I decided that instead of just reading it straight through, I am going to read a chapter a day for the next year. … Continue reading A Year of Les Mis

Lunging Terrors

Fun new moment in the roundpen saga... I discovered that my sweet, lovely Isis, who is so well-behaved while lunging, and so responsive when I am using a rope to give directions... Is scared of lunge whips. Now, before people start to comment about me being a horrible person because I used the word whip, … Continue reading Lunging Terrors

Kindness and Sensitivity

Politics aren't one of my big interests, and I don't post about them a lot. But this is less about politics, and more about watching common manners and decency descend into ridiculous childishness and attempts to show how "strong" we are. If you've been on facebook or anything like that, you've probably seen the trending news about … Continue reading Kindness and Sensitivity

Ummm…That’s Mine…

I was posting a new photo collection for sale, and started to think about the ridiculous issues that a lot of artists face. I have been trying to sell my photos for a little while now. In general, I don't necessarily consider photography to be my business. I take pictures because I love taking pictures. But since … Continue reading Ummm…That’s Mine…

Harry Potter and the One Where Everyone You Love Dies

***Spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows*** I was prepared for one part of the Deathly Hallows to make me cry during my re-reading (re-listening) of the book. The death of Dobby. Of course. His death reminds me of the way I feel when I am reading a book about war and the faithful … Continue reading Harry Potter and the One Where Everyone You Love Dies

Don’t Make Me Stop This Car!

Have you ever noticed how, when you read humourous stories about the trials of road trips, many of them have to do with bathrooms? It seems like road trips make people need bathroom breaks more than they would in normal life. I recently read a story about a 3-hour road trip where the writer's family made … Continue reading Don’t Make Me Stop This Car!

Reading List 2017-Part 4

31. The Secret Garden---Frances Hodgson Burnett (audiobook) Always a book that I enjoy. If you've not read it, you should. And see the Hallmark version of it. The book is such a vibrantly described story, and I really enjoyed it as an audiobook. You can let your hands work on the gardening or whatever, and … Continue reading Reading List 2017-Part 4