Weekend DIY: Put a Cork in It

I was watching a painfully dull movie the other night, and decided it would be a good time to work on a little project. Quick word of wisdom? Just because Matt Damon is in a film, that doesn't mean that it's good. I was so pleased though, with how my piece turned out, that I … Continue reading Weekend DIY: Put a Cork in It

It’s More Than a Fish

I love cooking shows. I mean, I almost like them to a ridiculous level. But I am so done with cooking shows that think they need to show animals being killed. I don't bloody care if it is "just fish". I don't want to see you ripping limbs off of live animals, or cutting them … Continue reading It’s More Than a Fish

The Affairs of Dragons

So many things come to mind when I hear the word meddle. There's my Mom and Grama trying to decide who I should marry. Or me, answering the phone when my estranged brother calls Grama's phone, and nearly giving him a heart attack. Or people on social media trying to tell others how to care for … Continue reading The Affairs of Dragons

Vegetarians and Dead Stuff

Since I was small, I've had a bit of a weird conflict in my interests. I love animals, but I also like dead stuff. Not gross dead stuff, but taxidermy, skulls, leather, etc. I think I was about 15 when I decided to go vegetarian. We'd had too many "farm animal" type pets, and I … Continue reading Vegetarians and Dead Stuff

Tiny-ponic gardening

In the interest of recycling, and being green, especially in gardening, I am experimenting with a homemade mini hydroponics system. At the moment, I am calling them "tiny-ponics", but that may change. The planter part will be made from old feed sacks, something that we have a lot of. Yes, we use them as garbage … Continue reading Tiny-ponic gardening

Why I Hate the Babylon Bee

If you're friends with "modern" christians on facebook, chances are pretty good that you have heard of  The Babylon Bee. If not, it's a website that is run under the name of satire. It is referred to as a christian version of The Onion. Their posts are fake news. Some of them are so obviously … Continue reading Why I Hate the Babylon Bee

Is God Really a Douchebag?

Every time I lose something important to me, I think of a message I heard, probably at church camp or something like that. The speaker said that God doesn't want us to have things that are more important to us than him. He doesn't want us to spend more time with something else than we … Continue reading Is God Really a Douchebag?