Pony Penning Dreams

I’m making progress with getting my “horse crazy little girl bucket list” completed. Not that I really had one. I mean, I feel like all girls who go through the phase and stick with horses when they’re old enough to make their own choices have certain things that they want to do, at least secretly. … Continue reading Pony Penning Dreams


Mock Lasagna

The following is a recipe that my Mom used to make a lot. It's quick and easy and you can change it up however you want to. I decided to make it for my Grama, because it's vegetarian, relatively healthy, and I could make it during a very rushed, difficult week. I could also make … Continue reading Mock Lasagna


Week 28 of the 2018 Reading Challenge A book written by an author under 30: Faitheist by Chris Stedman "Unless we strive to understand people's religious beliefs and practices, efforts that hinge on solidarity will fail" Sort of borrowed/stole this book from my Aunt while housesitting for her. Took without asking=stole, but took with the intent … Continue reading Faitheist

Parents and Summer Vacation

I hate seeing posts all summer long about parents who hate summer vacation. All of the whining about how their kids won't shut up and they can't wait for school to be over. First off it's childish. I'm not so sure these people should have kids in the first place if they don't actually want them … Continue reading Parents and Summer Vacation

Easy Pickled Veg

I was thinking to make some kimbap, and needed pickled veggies to go inside. But most of the recipes I found took longer to come together, or took a ton of ingredients. I knew that when we made kimbap in India, we would make pickles the evening before, meaning that they pickled no more than … Continue reading Easy Pickled Veg

The First Four Years

Week 27 of the 2018 Reading Challenge A book with a character that shares your name: The First Four Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder I think I get extra points because both the author and the character share my name. However, they are the same person, so perhaps I don't... I was not going to … Continue reading The First Four Years

Born This Way

The new thing lately is that, if you're a white woman, and you don't apologize for the fact that you were born this way, you are a woman hater just like all the white men. Yeah... I'm bloody well not going to apologize for the colour of my skin. Why is it ok to be … Continue reading Born This Way

The Boy From Over There

Week 26 of the 2018 Reading Challenge Foreign book translated into English: The Boy From Over There byTamar Bergman, translated from Hebrew by Hillel Halkin I had to google what a kibbutz is after reading this novel. The author writes from the angle that her reader knows what she is talking about, and does not explain … Continue reading The Boy From Over There

Vegetarian for the Picky Eater

I have started to cook a bit for my Grama, now that she is home from the hospital. It’s a bit of a challenge, because she is one of the pickiest eaters I know. When we were discussing what meals I could make for her, one of her suggestions was pinto bean soup. Ok…sounds good. … Continue reading Vegetarian for the Picky Eater

The Heartbreak of Doctor Who

I love Doctor Who (the new series…I’m still trying to work out how to catch up on the classics. It’s hard to find them. If you have a good place to watch them, let me know in the comments). Most people I know don’t really get it. They don’t watch it, I’ve tried to explain … Continue reading The Heartbreak of Doctor Who