A Hiccup in the Path

You may have noticed a decided lack of therapy photos recently. And that's not just because Poirot is so dang cute that he's taking up my entire feed... We have been having some unexpected issues with our horse guy. First, if you remember, our lovely former racehorse, Sweet Lady, died very unexpectedly. We continued to … Continue reading A Hiccup in the Path


Been a Long, Lonely, Lonely, Lonely…Wait…No

It's definitely been a while since I last wrote a blog. I'm in India once again, and I should have started blogging about that a long time ago. Like, well before I left for India, not over a month into the trip. But this is time for honesty. The main reason I've not been writing … Continue reading Been a Long, Lonely, Lonely, Lonely…Wait…No

Death is Not Love

In this age of caring more for animals, and an increase in vegetarianism and veganism, I have seen a lot of posts regarding 4-H kids who raised meat animals. They or their parents write a post about how they learned responsibility and love as they raised their cow, pig, or whatever for a year. They … Continue reading Death is Not Love


If you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably be aware that I have launched a new Kickstarter campaign. This one is what is referred to as a "Quickstarter", because it has a shorter time, fewer reward levels, and no reward options over $50. The campaign is for my book of poetry and short stories, called … Continue reading Quickstarter

Spring Garlic Nettle Pasta Sauce

Disclaimer: This recipe uses stinging nettles, and you do not boil them and discard the water at all. If you react badly to nettles, or do not know how you react, use care and judgment with the recipe. I tasted here and there as I was making it, even while the nettles were still raw. … Continue reading Spring Garlic Nettle Pasta Sauce

March Books

The Huntress---Kate Quinn A find myself getting WWII novels, even though they tend to be the same story in a different cover. This one was different though. Set in and age WWII, it follows a pair of Nazi hunters, one of whom has a personal reason for his hunting especially his hunting of a certain … Continue reading March Books

Dirty Golden Latte

This is similar to my¬†Bulletproof Golden Iced Coffee¬†that I shared last summer. However, while it is warming up, it is still a little on the chilly side, so I wanted something a little warmer. It's a warm turmeric drink with coffee, which I think dulls the sharpness of the turmeric taste. Dirty Golden Latte 3/4 … Continue reading Dirty Golden Latte

New Moon Cocoa

Moon Milk is all over the place now. It's sort of like Golden Milk, but with Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb that some people swear by, and some people say is a load of nonsense. I don't know all of the ins and outs of ashwagandha, but I do know that I have awful periods, and … Continue reading New Moon Cocoa

I Don’t Know You, But I Like You

I was visiting my Grampa recently. As you know if you've read my previous blogs about him, he has Alzheimer's, and has been declining over the last few years. Usually, he at least sort of knows who we are, but the last time his brother Earl visited, Grampa flat out said he didn't know who … Continue reading I Don’t Know You, But I Like You