Elements of Summer

Summer isn't my favourite season, but it is certainly the one with the most elemental activity. You have the earth popping up new stuff all over the place. Wind holding birds aloft as they enjoy the lovely thermals. Water warm enough for the enjoyment of people, animals, and birds alike. Oh, and the fish like it too... … Continue reading Elements of Summer

Can You Help Me?

I am thinking about doing another Kickstarter campaign. This one will be for a book of photos from India. More info on that later, if the campaign launches. At the moment though, I am stuck on the rewards part. Now, one of my thoughts was to do a gift bag of items from India. Some … Continue reading Can You Help Me?


I don't agree with most of you. No offense, I just don't. I'm too conservative for the liberals, and I'm too liberal for the conservatives. I usually refer to my political leanings as "firmly middle of the road". Not meaning that I am wishy washy, but meaning that on some issues, I'm am very conservative … Continue reading Viewmaster

Reading List 2017- Part 7

61. 1984---George Orwell---Audiobook Listened to this one, because I just didn't like it the last time I read it. Thought that perhaps the 10-15 years since then may have softened my thoughts toward it, but that was not the case. About halfway through, I was ready for Winston to be caught and shot. He whinged … Continue reading Reading List 2017- Part 7

Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting

I decided a while back that I wanted to make peanut butter cookies. I love peanut butter cookies, but I don't have a specific recipe that I use. My Dad doesn't like peanut butter, and especially dislikes the smell of hot peanut butter permeating the house. So we don't bake them when he's home, or … Continue reading Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting

Silent Flash with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300

(Scroll to the bottom for step by step directions) After a ton of research and studying, I just bought myself a new camera. I needed a good bridge camera, something that will give me the kind of pictures I want, but something that is relatively portable. As much as I would love a big, fancy … Continue reading Silent Flash with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300

A Not-So-Pretty Peach Cake

If you look across the desserts that my family makes, we're not so into "pretty" desserts. I see people who make a plain cake, then spend hours decorating, and sometimes I think I want to do a cake like that. But then I change my mind. If I'm gonna  spend extra time on a recipe, … Continue reading A Not-So-Pretty Peach Cake

A Life in the 10th Kingdom

It has always been odd to me how people in fantasy books act when they get into an alternate world/reality/universe. Typically, their only thought is how to get home. They barely even notice their surroundings; the fact that they're hanging out with talking animals, or with people who can do magic, or riding flying horses. … Continue reading A Life in the 10th Kingdom