Parents and Summer Vacation

I hate seeing posts all summer long about parents who hate summer vacation.

All of the whining about how their kids won’t shut up and they can’t wait for school to be over.

First off it’s childish. I’m not so sure these people should have kids in the first place if they don’t actually want them around.

Second, it’s sad. I mean, the school already has your kid a huge percentage of their life while they live at home. Summer breaks are getting shorter and shorter, while kids have a million more after-school activities taking up their time during the school year.

Parents are away from their kids so much that they don’t know how to handle them while they’re home. It’s almost like the parents are babysitters, considering the amount of time they spend with their kids.

I never heard my parents complaining about summer vacation, because we were homeschooled.

Yes, we still had summer break.

No, we didn’t go away to camp every summer. A couple of times, but mostly if we traveled, we did so as a family.

But my Mom knew how to live with us and enjoy her time with us.

Summer was probably more productive for her, because if she needed to get stuff done, she could send us outside, or tell us to read a book/work on a 4-H project/play together/whatever, and she didn’t have to be “on call” for us in case we needed help with school work like she did during the school year.

No, I’m not saying that everyone should homeschool. I know that for many people it is not feasible. I was fortunate to have a Mom who was able to do it, and a Dad who had a good job which could support us. His job also had great hours, and let him be at home by mid-afternoon to spend time with us. He also did not act like he was “babysitting”, or like he was sick of having us around.

Parenting seems to be an expensive source of social media fodder. Parents are more concerned about getting things posted than they are about getting to know their kids. Is it any surprise that kids don’t want to spend time with their parents as they get older? You don’t want to spend time with a babysitter who is only focused on turning your life into a joke.

Just as an aside…I also love family holidays. I don’t worry about conversation topics, or being harassed about my life choices. Partly because I just don’t care, and partly because I spend time with my whole family throughout the year, so if they have issues with my choices, we chat about them at other times. And I know that any of their comments come from a place of love, not a place of judgmentalism.

Family should be people you want around, whether it’s your kids, your parents, or anyone else. Summer vacation shouldn’t be torture. It should be a good time where you enjoy time with your kids and cherish it because when the school year is back, you won’t be seeing much of them. And that shouldn’t be a good thing.



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