A Woman in India

Ok. So I’m not going to share all of my potential shots for the books. Where would the point of buying them be then? But I’ll share some of them and hope they generate interest for the Kickstarter.


This is Birma (not sure if the spelling is correct). She saw me taking pictures and called me over to take a picture of her. She was very proud to pose with her iron. She wouldn’t expect you to feel sympathy for her. Being a laundress or maid in India isn’t a negative, embarrassing thing. It’s a manner of employment to be proud of. And that usually reflects in the job that is done.

I was pouring sweat after just taking a walk. She was in a tiny shack, ironing, and didn’t seem bothered by the heat at all. 

After taking the picture, I started to walk away, then turned back, and used some of the only Hindi I knew to ask her name. She was totally tickled by that.

The whole experience was only a few minutes long, but it was a special few minutes.

Check out the kickstarter here.

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