Price Means Nothing

Ok, first off, bear with me. I’m using the app, and I can’t figure out how to add a hyperlink…grrr…

Left home today, on my way to India. There’s nothing like leaving to make you see what is  priceless in your life.

Is it the material things you’re leaving behind? Or things that might not be looked at as having much worth? 
It’s waking up to kittens who want nothing more than to snuggle with you. 

It’s having your Dad spend a ton of time fiddling with tiny screws to fix your glasses at the last minute. 

It’s your Mom driving around looking for your crazy dogs who took off after something. 

It’s your dog who sits on your lap, trying to figure out how she can climb in your backpack and go along (though, she was born in India, and I really don’t think she wants to go back).

It’s eating that last piece of birthday cake for breakfast. 

It’s a million different things, and it can change every time you leave. And my priceless things would be different than yours. 

What are the priceless things you notice when you leave?


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