Budwater and Tax Write-offs

Why on earth are we so critical?

Especially when people are trying to do good things?

Is it a jealousy issue? Are we critical of the good that others are doing, finding fault with them and whatnot, so that we feel less bad about not doing more?

There has been a lot of this going on during the Houston flooding.

One of the first things I noticed was people slamming Anheuser-Busch for canning drinking water to send to flood victims who are stranded without water.

Now, my initial thought was that this was pretty cool. I remember having that provided for us when I was volunteering down in New Orleans after Katrina.

To be honest, the water is kind of gross…If it is room temperature, it pretty much tastes like the aluminum can it’s is packaged in.

But, during that trip, I was a youth group leader, and let me tell you, it’s very exciting for a bunch of youth group kids to be drinking out of cans with the Budweiser logo on them, even if it is just water inside. One of my kids named it “Budwater”.

So it was neat for me to see that on the news.

But it wasn’t so great for some people, who ranted on and on about the “free advertising”, and tax write-offs for Anheuser-Busch.

You know what? Who cares…It shouldn’t matter if a company like that is getting tax write-offs for their donations. Companies can’t afford to simply give away their stock.

Do you take tax write-offs? Then you shouldn’t be too judgy when a corporation does. If it gets them to give more, I think it’s great.

As my Dad frequently says, “The job they’re doing is better than the one you’re not.” (don’t take that personally, it’s not against anyone specific. It more means don’t bash them if you’re not willing/able to do the same thing without taking any credit.).

Then there’s this Mattress Mack guy. He’s pretty clear that part of his concern has been for his business. But not only has he allowed people to stay in his store, he also sent trucks out into the flooding to look for people who needed shelter.

Yeah, he’s getting a lot of attention for his store, he’s probably going to get a lot more business after all of this, along with various tax write-offs. But he has been supporting his community for years. He just hasn’t made it onto national news broadcasts before.

And why should he not reap the rewards of what he has done?

How is it that different from someone volunteering in a flooded out area and posting photos and blogs about it? Except that your blogs probably will not get you any tax write-offs.

I think that we need to stop finding reasons to nit-pick when someone else is trying to do good.

If your kid washes the dishes, don’t gripe because she didn’t sweep the floor also.

If your husband brings you flowers, don’t complain because they were picked from a field instead of bought in a store (or vice versa).

Also, don’t assume that people only do good to get something. I’m sure there are people like that, but that’s not everyone.

Take good at face value, and appreciate it.

Think well of people, and you may be disappointed on occasion, but I believe that you’ll find it just the opposite in most cases.

And do good without expecting anything back.


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