Hmmm…India Calls…

Can you close your eyes and picture a place that has a magnetic pull on you?

You can smell the flowers or the spices, taste the food, and hear the hustle and bustle of the area. Or the silence instead.


I doubt you’ll be too surprised to hear that my place which draws me like no other is India.

I love the food, I love the smells (most of them…), I love sitting around and people watching, the history, and so many other things.


I don’t know what it is about India that makes it so that people seem to either love it or hate it. I’ve not met many people who are apathetic about the country.

I have tickets bought to leave just under a week from now, and I am both excited and nervous.

There are so many warnings about India and places over there that it’s a little unnerving. I mean, I’ve always had people telling me that they don’t like me traveling over there alone, but usually the government says that as long as I’m not stupid (I am stupid sometimes…), I’ll be safe.


But now, there are riots and possible terror attacks and who knows what else. Heck, the scariest thing that’s happened to me so far has been being charged by an elephant.

But I’m drawn there anyway.

Seriously, the way things are going, I’m in nearly as much danger going into Chicago, or even Rockford (a nearby town that also has a lot of gun violence).

I could say that I will wait until things cool down, but I don’t know that they ever will. And I can’t avoid traveling til everything becomes 100% safe. It will never happen.


So I have my ticket, I have lodging booked for my first few days, and I have a slightly blocked out itinerary. Everything of course subject to change.

And I have a couple of books in the works.

I’ve had people tell me that I should do a book of my photos from India, so that is my goal for this trip. Previous trips I’ve spent a lot of time volunteering or working, and this time, I’m making all of my travel choices on my own, and can decide how long to stay in each place and all of that fun stuff.

So I am going to be launching another Kickstarter on August 30 to try to make these books become a reality.

I’ll be sharing updates on my travels and the books both on here and on Kickstarter, so stay tuned. I’d love to have you guys hop on board with the project, and even if it’s something you’re not keen to back financially, sharing it with your friends and followers would be great.

So how about it? What place is a magnet to you?



7 thoughts on “Hmmm…India Calls…

  1. Enjoy your trip! I look forward to seeing your photos. My brother and his wife spent a month in India for their honeymoon. I have never been, but it is definitely somewhere I’d like to explore.


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