Nightmares and Shopping

Does anyone else have issues actually pushing that final button to make a purchase? Especially for something expensive?

I’m not talking about pushing the button to buy a pair of earbuds or something like that (and yes, I know that some people get earbuds which are crazy expensive. I’m hard on them, and expensive buds don’t last for me either, so $5 is about my limit…). I’m talking about things like a plane ticket.

I think part of it too, with a plane ticket, is that it gives me a definite timeline for the things I need to finish before I leave. Leaving is no longer a casual concept somewhere in the future, but I have a date.

And the part that really weirds me out is that I always put it off until sort of the last minute (because of that aversion to pushing that final button), so I am leaving in just over 2 weeks.

During that time, I am going on a long weekend road trip (more about that in future blogs), and my sister is coming home for about 6 days. Oh, and I have an appointment to have my cat spayed, which is a full day thing because of where the clinic is located.

But it’s also a comforting thing. I’ve been checking tickets, agonizing over whether the price will skyrocket (I know, that should encourage me to buy sooner, but it doesn’t), and debating what day I should choose, etc., etc.

There’s has been such a tense feeling in my chest, and now it feels like that has unfurled. Yes, I still have a lot to do before leaving, but I have a time frame for everything, I ended up spending less on my ticket than I originally expected, and I can now pack without feeling like an idiot for packing before buying a ticket.

Ah…long exhale…

Although, before I close, some advice? Don’t watch The Twilight Zone’s Nightmare at 20,000 Feet just before purchasing a ticket. I swear, scary movies don’t bother me, but The Twilight Zone totally freaks me out. The audio on this one isn’t that great, but you’ll get the idea…


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