Silent Flash with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300

(Scroll to the bottom for step by step directions)

After a ton of research and studying, I just bought myself a new camera.

I needed a good bridge camera, something that will give me the kind of pictures I want, but something that is relatively portable. As much as I would love a big, fancy camera, I need something without interchangeable lenses, so that it works for traveling.


I finally settled on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300. According to the reviews, it was a very good camera.

And the clincher? It has a weather-proofed body. After dealing with dust in the lens of my last camera, weather-proofing was an important detail.

The camera came, and I was playing around with it, learning to use it.


But I couldn’t work out the flash.

I’d open the flash, but the symbol on the screen still showed that the flash was off.

So I googled that issue.

And found that the flash will not work while the camera is in silent mode…

Now, I’ve mentioned that I have Misophonia. Which means that those little beeps drive me nuts. The first thing I do when I get a new camera, phone, or anything like that, is figure out how to turn on silent mode.

But every forum I found said the same thing. You can’t turn on silent mode, and use the flash.

So I emailed Panasonic.

And got a form email saying that the email link on their website did not go to a valid email, and live chat (available only during the day) was the only option.

This was about midnight, so I waited til morning and contacted them.

It wasn’t effective.

The first guy I talked to was polite, but said I needed to speak with tier 2 customer service, because it wasn’t a problem he could help with.

The second one got very snippy about how no camera can use the electronic shutter with the flash, and silent mode can only be used with the electronic shutter.

The follow-up email Panasonic sent me…lots of help.

Ok, so I asked if I can leave the shutter sound, and not the beeps. I understand that cameras make little internal noises. Those aren’t the problem. I want to be read of the beeping. And I made that clear in my emails.

More sarcasm and claims that he was the senior product engineer, though I would hope their engineers would know how to spell and I doubt the senior engineer is usually put to work on customer service (this was the basic live chat, not someone I’d been passed along to).

And no help.

The beeps and flash go hand in hand.

He did mention something about adjusting specific volume levels, but said that those too couldn’t be adjusted without affecting the flash.

So I started pushing buttons on my camera, and hoping nothing blew up.

It took a little while, but I worked it out. And it’s quite easy once you know what to do.

Step 1: Turn off silent mode

DSCF5586 (2)

Step 2: Under Tools, scroll down to the “Beep” option. This option will not show while you have silent mode turned on.

DSCF5587 (2)

Step 3: Turn beep and shutter volume down individually. This will not, of course, turn down the volume of the mechanics of the camera. But it will turn down the unnecessary electronic noises.

DSCF5589 (2)

See what I mean? Super easy. Not sure why Panasonic wouldn’t just tell me about it.

Maybe I could have found it in the manual, but as the manual is over 200 pages long, and Panasonic said it’s not possible, I didn’t feel like bothering with that.

Since everything I read said it was impossible, I thought I’d share it on here. So far, I rather like the camera, but constant beeping would have made it lose a lot in my estimation.

Hope this info helps someone else.


4 thoughts on “Silent Flash with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300

  1. Thanks. The beeping and shutter noise was scaring away birds, which are tough to get in the best of circumstances. I, too, love Panasonic cameras, but hate their tech support.


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