A Life in the 10th Kingdom

It has always been odd to me how people in fantasy books act when they get into an alternate world/reality/universe.

Typically, their only thought is how to get home.


They barely even notice their surroundings; the fact that they’re hanging out with talking animals, or with people who can do magic, or riding flying horses.

All they want is to get home.

It’s really strange to me when it is a person who has a super crappy home life.

For example, watch The 10th Kingdom sometime.



The 10th Kingdom is a Hallmark miniseries that my family has watched about 8 million times.

The main characters in the miniseries are Tony and Virginia, a Father and daughter who live on the edge of Central Park.

Tony is the maintenance man of an apartment complex which is run by a man who treats him like dirt.

Virginia is a waitress, who is not particularly fond of her job, and wants adventure in her life.

Tony’s wife, Virginia’s Mom, took off on them years before, so the only family they have is a wealthy, self-absorbed step-mother/Grama.

But even so, when they get into a world which consists of 9 faerie tale kingdoms, where Snow White and Cinderella are history instead of faerie tale, and they’re traveling with a prince who has been turned into a golden retriever, they only want to get home.

Yes, they’re being pursued by a wicked queen, but still, you’d think that maybe they would try to remedy that situation and settle in one of the 9 Kingdoms.

The trolls who are trying to catch our heroes. Would you believe the second one from the left is Ed O’Neill?

Are we really that obsessed with the comfort of what we know, that we’d not want to live a much more spectacular, adventurous life, in a gorgeous, magical land?

Yes, there would be aspects you’d miss.

I’d want to find out how to return to get my family and my animals so they could join me as well.

But that’s really it.

That’s what I miss when I am traveling here on earth.

I love going new places, and I enjoy  the unpredictability and chaos.

But I miss my family, and my pets, and I want to be around home sometimes, especially as my Grampa isn’t doing so well.

I don’t miss other people, or things.

Conveniences, yes, I do often miss those.

Sometimes it’s hard to get things done in other countries.

Making a meal, or even getting a meeting with someone, things that would take hardly any time here, take hours there, or even days.

But that’s hardly an issue.

And, hey…if I didn’t like the inconveniences that came with living in another world, I’d just learn magic and make everything easier.

Once I had those that I love, and perhaps a backpack full of books, I’d move permanently to the 9 Kingdoms, or to Narnia, or wherever.

It would be cool to be able to pop back and forth between worlds, but if I had to choose one, it most likely wouldn’t be this one.

But it seems like almost every book or movie with another world has the characters more concerned with getting home than anything.

How about it? What would your reaction be to getting into another world? Would you try your hardest to get out of there, or would you want to spend some time living there?

And when your movie has trolls who love the Bee Gees, how can you go wrong?

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