Dear Idiot…

Dear Idiot in California who used my Ebay account,

Not sure what exactly you were hoping for. I guess you hoped that I wouldn’t get the notification, or I would ignore the email

Which I nearly did.

Heck, I get so many random emails from Ebay and other sites like it that I usually don’t read them all.

But for some reason, this one caught my attention.

And I’m glad it did.

Seriously? You signed up for an Ebay store on my account?

You don’t care that it costs me $60 a month, and I can’t cancel it without paying about $230 in early cancellation fees?

I guess you don’t.

If you did, you wouldn’t screw around with other people’s lives.

You wouldn’t take an account of someone who is just trying to make a little bit of money, and make her lose way more money than she’ll ever make from Ebay.

You wouldn’t make her go through the process of re-doing her Ebay, email, and Paypal account connections and passwords.

Maybe you’d consider that all of those things, for a girl who is randomly self-employed would be really a hassle.

Guess what.

It’s extra tough when you don’t have a phone to get all of the security codes and whatnot.

I have to borrow a phone to do all of that.


Because I decided that having a phone was too much of an expense for the income level I have.

That’s right.

$30 a month for a phone is too much for me to pay at this point.

So $60 a month so that you can sell stuff with my account and take the money is way beyond my means.

But you don’t consider that.

You don’t think of how you’ll affect someone else’s life, only how you’ll get more money in your slimy hands.

I suppose that, in a way, I feel sorry for you.

How does it feel to go through life with no compassion?

Maybe it’s easier, to a point, but it can’t be that pleasant in the long run.

You make everyone else pay for your substandard moral fibre…

Anyway, all’s well that ends well.

Fortunately, the people at Ebay are nicer than you.

They canceled everything, so you’ll have to find someone else’s account to use.

Now it’s on to fixing all of my accounts, changing passwords, and re-connecting everything.

Because I didn’t have anything else I wanted to do.

Thanks for that.

I hope you get caught and stopped so you can’t do this to other people.

Or I hope you’re there when California falls into the ocean and you fall in as well and lose all of your computers, phones, and money.

You know, whatever is more convenient.

Have a nice day, and try not to scam anyone else.



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