The Seven-Year Flood

Behind my house, there runs a small creek.

Most years, it floods at least once. People always ask what we’ll do if our house floods, but we’re not concerned. You have to go out into the woods, and down a bluff to get to the creek. If our house floods, our neighbours had better all be on an ark.


Occasionally though, the creek does flood pretty high.

It’s fairly unusual, and before this week, the last occurrence was seven years ago.


These photos are from my the lane leading into my neighbour’s gravel quarry, showing the morning of the flood, that afternoon, and then a couple of days after.


People around here seldom have more than a little water in a basement, or a few branches down (or picnic tables swept away in our case…), so floods in this area aren’t tragic.

But as they happen so seldom, they’re a time for everyone to go out and explore, to see the damage to the roads. I saw my neighbour (whose lane this is) while out driving around, and he commented that it’s a good time to see all of the neighbours.

Maybe it’s a small town/country sort of thing, but it certainly is exciting.


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