Salty Nuggets of Death

I’ve eaten some odd things while traveling.

Ant heads in Brazil, possibly goat brain in India, food from lots of dodgy road side stalls in India, including one called “The Stall of Death” by the other volunteers I was working with.

But one of the strangest was the pizza in Tanzania.

Whether you go for deep dish Chicago style pizza, thin crust, or anything in between, Americans have some fairly specific thoughts on the topic of pizza and what it should taste like.

But people in other countries don’t necessarily share those views. Or they at least don’t have the ingredients to make it the same.

I’ve had pizza with hard-boiled eggs and ketchup on it in Brazil, and pizza with paneer and intense spices in India. Let me tell you, I am a big fan of Indian pizza.

But the African pizza had some weird toppings on it. The strangest by far was the caper pizza. Salty little nuggets of mush do not belong on a pizza unless you’re at least warned about it. Actually, a friend of mine referred to them as “salty nuggets of death” for the rest of the trip.

If you didn’t think about it too much, you could almost just pretend that you weren’t eating pizza. The crust and sauce tasted nothing like any pizza I’ve ever had. But we’d been told all day that we were getting pizza for supper, so that was sort of stuck in our heads.

Some of the other pizzas had local, but relatively “normal” toppings, such as pineapple. However, already being vegetarian at the time, my pizza options were limited. So I ate the caper pizza.

That trip was ten years ago this summer, and I can still taste that very strange pizza. I’m usually a huge fan of strange food. Spicy, strange flavours, whatever. I meet very little food that I don’t like. But caper pizza just isn’t my thing.

What have you eaten in your travels that didn’t sit well with you? Not necessarily something that made you sick, but something that your taste buds couldn’t get on board with?


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