Weekend DIY: Put a Cork in It

I was watching a painfully dull movie the other night, and decided it would be a good time to work on a little project.

Quick word of wisdom? Just because Matt Damon is in a film, that doesn’t mean that it’s good.

I was so pleased though, with how my piece turned out, that I decided I would share it with all of you, in case you’re interested in a quick project to make. It’s good for brightening up a small space in your home, or make a bunch for a bigger space. They’d also make good gifts.


First, you’ll need a cork, a pair of thin pliers, and a knife. Synthetic corks are fine, and may even be better. Winking Owl is a common brand at Aldi, and my folks like it, so I end up with a lot of the corks.

DSCF2671 (2)

Cut into the cork with your knife, being careful not to cut through the side.


Leave a bit of an edge when you cut. For your first pass, you’ll only go about half an inch deep.

DSCF2674 (2)

Grabs the inside with your pliers, and pull it out. Give a little twist if it doesn’t want to come.



Cut again, roughly doubling the depth. Try to straighten the sides a little so that they do not slant in too much.


Get your little plant ready.


Fill the planter halfway with dirt. I used a baby spoon so I wasn’t spilling all over.

DSCF2684 (2)

Put the plant in, and gently pour dirt around the roots. Pack it firmly enough that the plant won’t tip over.


I am actually glad that this is the kind of cork I have, because aren’t they cute? I love the owl along with the tiny succulent.

DSCF2687DSCF2691 (2)

Give your plant a little drink of water. Again, I used the baby spoon. Not too much, as succulents don’t drink a ton.

I’ve seen people put magnets on these and hang them on the fridge, but I’ve had too many magnets fall off of my fridge (maybe it’s just me?), so I am more likely to put them on a little shelf. Maybe on a spice rack or something like that? They’re so tiny, you have a lot of options.

Poke a couple of holes in them, and hang them from a hook in the ceiling…

Share pictures if you make them. I’d love to see what you do :~)


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