Paper or Tablet?

This picture was shared on Amazon Kindle’s facebook page:


I started to read it, feeling a little annoyed, because yet another person was trying to tell me how and what to read.

Then I got a little farther into the post, and realized that it was saying what I think all the time.

I love a good book. My car actually has a huge stack of books in it that I picked up a little while ago. I lug around my massive copy of Les Mis all the time. And I especially love old books.


But let me tell you something. My backpack is so much lighter after I got my Kindle.


I used to take a whole stack of books when I went overseas. I was seldom staying in hostels, so there wasn’t the “take a book, leave a book” shelf. If I wanted something in my language, I had to take it with me, or waste a ton of time searching for a book.


And, of course, you don’t know what you’ll want to read for the next three months, so you need variety.

Now that I have a Kindle though, it’s great.

I take Les Mis and my Kindle, and I am good to go.

I could get in a lot of trouble if I started buying Kindle books, so to save money, I only get the free books. But there are so many amazing free books. You can read the classics, and even a lot by modern, popular authors, who have decided to let their book be available on Kindle for free during a certain period. I’ve read many books I’ve loved because they’ve been free for Kindle.


A while back, I was telling my Mom about a book I was reading, and she had just downloaded and started the same. We both greatly enjoyed the book, and it gave us a conversation topic (not that we’re usually lacking in that.

My sister, actually. But the photo is mine.

If I had to choose either paper books or a Kindle for the rest of my life, I’m not sure which I would choose. I do so love a paper book, but I’ve also grown rather fond of my Kindle. It would be a tough choice.


Thank goodness that, despite the animosity between the paper book and Kindle camps, we don’t have to choose.


Those of us who decide to not be snobs can have the best of both worlds. A shelf full of paper books, even a paper book stuck in a purse while out shopping, and a Kindle for whenever we think a Kindle would be nice to take along.

Don’t be a snob. You’ll have more options in life.



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