It’s More Than a Fish

I love cooking shows.

I mean, I almost like them to a ridiculous level.

But I am so done with cooking shows that think they need to show animals being killed.

I don’t bloody care if it is “just fish”.

I don’t want to see you ripping limbs off of live animals, or cutting them in half while they’re still alive.

And I definitely don’t want to see Gordon Ramsay fricking spearing a fish and then letting it bounce around on the boat as it dies.

Not cool.

Before you say, “But you have to know where your food comes from.”, let me tell you that I don’t eat meat. And that includes fish.

Yes, chicken and fish (including crustaceans and all of that) are animals, and the stuff people eat from them is meat.

I know a lot of people are vegetarian for health reasons, and eat fish and chicken.

But I think if you’re a vegetarian for moral reasons, you should probably not eat any animals.

I suppose that’s one of those things where, if you’re doing it for moral reasons, I can’t tell you what to do.

I don’t see though, why they have to show that stuff. And especially on commercials.

Are we all supposed to have hearts of steel now?

The way that we treat animals tends to loop around to the way that we treat humans.

How many child abusers, murderers, etc., abused animals when they were younger?

Maybe you think it’s a stretch, but I genuinely don’t.

We start out seeing fish and other “non-animals” killed on tv. And I am talking about killed for real, not people being shot in movies. There is a difference when you know it is fake death, and when it is real.

Then we move onto other things. I’m pretty sure there’s a show, or was, about farm to table food, which actually showed everything, from the killing to the processing.

It’s not commonplace, but could easily become such.

Somehow, we have become a culture which likes violence.

We read increasingly violent books, watch increasingly violent films. Our news centres on violence rather than the good things happening in the world.

And what comes of that violence?

More violence.

There’s violence in the news, so we go out and riot.

There are riots, so some group shoots or strings up a member of another group.

And guess what, there’s more violence.

Why can’t we respect life?

In all forms.

If you can’t, or don’t want to be a vegetarian or vegan, at least treat animals with respect.

There’s something disgusting about people who enjoy killing.

My folks want me to like a guy, and he seems like a nice enough guy, but he made a comment in passing once that he thinks trapping is a great sport.

I want nothing to do with him.

I don’t care if he rescues sick puppies and helps little old ladies across the road (he doesn’t…he got annoyed when my pup was sitting in my lap…). If he thinks that trapping is a positive thing in this world, I don’t really care to ever speak with him.

You have to be some sort of disgusting to take joy in that.

I may step on some toes here, but this blog is about honesty. I hope you learn something, and if you’d like to leave feedback, I would love to learn something from you as well. Please though, nothing nasty. I miss a time where a person could share her opinion without people attacking her for it.

Let’s try to extend peace to each other, whether we agree or not.


7 thoughts on “It’s More Than a Fish

  1. I am a fan on the back and forth dialogue you use to engage your audience, however to post an opinion piece and expect no ‘attacks’ is hypocritical, people not having to defend their statements leads to no accountability.

    Consider that this anonymous man was simply sharing his opinion on trapping with you, holding in your opinion on that and venting later online is not superior to ‘attacking’ someone. All it does is insulate you against having to debate your stance in real-time against someone you know thinks differently, which it the antithesis of being open to learning from others. If you consider his way of life to be black-and-white wrong and your reaction to that is to “not really ever care to speak with him,” is that conductive to useful sharing of ideals and ways of living?

    There is clearly a world of difference between being cruel to animals and killing a animals for food and to equate them as the same is poorly thought out. Implying that people who eat meat enjoy the killing of animals, and are more likely to become murderers and child abusers is ungrounded, nasty and superior.

    You are a vegetarian, congratulations. Your life path, influences and choices have led you to make that decision, if you consider that fortunate, consider that other may not have been as fortunate to go through the same experiences to arrive at the same destination.

    Possibly, if you wrote and spoke on meat eaters with less derisive blanket statements and more with your positive facts on vegetarianism and health reasonings, it would convince more people to arrive at your same destination, as opposed contributing to an us-vs-them mentality.

    I do appreciate your overall stance, which is anti-violence and anti-cruelty.


    1. You seem to have come into this with the opinion that you were being attacked personally.
      When I said no attacks, I meant that people should not be mean in the comments. It is becoming impossible to share an opinion on anything potentially controversial (politics, abortion, animal right, refugees, etc.) without people denouncing you as a monster, a wimp, a hypocrite, or some such.
      The implications you claim that I make about people who eat meat are the implications you expected me to make. I said that it is the enjoyment of killing and abusing animals that leads to more. Not eating meat.
      The man talking about trapping is someone that I have known for a while. He genuinely enjoys killing animals, and helps with butchering at every area farm he can, because he likes it. I have spoken to him about his attitude toward killing and he doesn’t want to hear that there are other views. He wasn’t trying to share his views on trapping, he was trying to tell me in detail about trapping. Big difference. It was the last straw.
      This piece is not about the health reasoning for being vegetarian. Don’t read opinion pieces if you don’t want to see someone else’s opinion. Trying to tell someone to write their own opinion piece without it being about their opinion is just silly.
      You must have missed the rest of the paragraph, talking about not attacking me, where I said, “I may step on some toes here, but this blog is about honesty. I hope you learn something, and if you’d like to leave feedback, I would love to learn something from you as well. Please though, nothing nasty. I miss a time where a person could share her opinion without people attacking her for it.”
      I was welcoming discussion, and said I would love to learn from people with different views. I said no attacks, because there are better ways to talk to someone than to say that she is being “nasty and superior”. Nice words, hey? Didn’t we all learn that when we were about five? Say your piece, but use friendly words.
      Anyway, read my blog or don’t, it’s up to you. But if you think that the only way to have someone defend their statements is to attack them, I’d just as soon you find another blog. I love discussion, but I’m not interested in attacks.


      1. To be honest, your stance is much more fleshed out and well thought out with the addition of this comment, especially with more background about the man. My main qualm was how vaguely you differed between meat eaters and “people who enjoy killing, turn into bad people, etc, etc.” Fair enough if you did not mean them to be closely associated, I may have misunderstood your intentions, which happens over written communication, my apologies.

        As for the adjectives ‘nasty’ and ‘superior’ they are useful descriptors, not just meaningless insults and have their place when used genuinely, which I was.
        Perhaps I could have used ‘mean spirited’ and ‘lofty,’ but the first two were more accurately expressive, to limit yourself to ‘friendly’ words is childish. If you aren’t those things, explain how, which you have; don’t just condemn a percentage of our vernacular because of it’s moderately offensive tone.


      2. They’re meaningless insults when you say them without knowing the full story. You say that I have shown why I am not those things, so you should have asked for clarification before starting with the name calling. I’m not saying to only use friendly words, but don’t insult (and yes, they’re insults, whether you say they are or not) people before you know the whole story. And there’s really no place in proper conversation for name calling. Rude words may a conversation childish way sooner than friendly words do. So many people think that you can’t debate without slinging mean words around, and that is simply not true.
        And, it may come as a shock, but if you think I am a crappy person, you’re free to read other blogs. In fact, I invite you to.
        I clarified my point, and I am really not interested in having you critique my writing anymore. Once again, it is my opinion, therefore, at the end of the day, what I wrote is what is right. It may not be your opinion, but this piece is not about your opinion. If you want to write more about it, write an opinion piece on your own blog, for your followers to read.


      3. Well I’m sure we could have a better chat about this face to face, but yes, you’re right, I don’t and couldn’t know your full story.
        I would never assume you were a crappy person based on a single opinion, my negatively inclined descriptors of course don’t represent my thoughts on you as a person, only on your individual and separate views and whilst we disagree, I can respect your reasoning and articulation.
        You’re correct, as your opinion piece, it’s your choice to talk about it, or declare the piece done; so peace, best of luck in all you do.


  2. I eat all meat, and have somehow accepted that animals are killed cruelly for my food because I can’t really do anything about it. It’s not nice I know, but it’s just something selfish I have accepted. I go to meat shops and see chickens in miserable condition in cages, and I feel bad for them – but while I love animals I just live with that in my life. This makes me more conscious about being more sensitive about it in the future, though.


    1. That’s how my parents are. My Mom especially does the paleo diet, and she eats a lot of meat. She does try to buy from local farms, where the animals are well-treated during their lives, and killed humanely. She can reconcile herself to that. I can’t.
      I know what you mean about the meat shops with the chickens. It always bothered me when I would go to the market with friends, and they would be super excited about which chicken they would pick out, and they would talk about laughing while it was butchered so that they could take it home and eat it. Others would tell the man they wanted a chicken, and then leave and pick it up later instead of watching them kill it. I just didn’t understand the people for whom that was a fun event.
      I’m glad the post helped you think about it though, whatever you ultimately end up doing.

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