Tiny-ponic gardening

In the interest of recycling, and being green, especially in gardening, I am experimenting with a homemade mini hydroponics system.

At the moment, I am calling them “tiny-ponics”, but that may change.

The planter part will be made from old feed sacks, something that we have a lot of. Yes, we use them as garbage bags and whatnot, but between the cat food, chicken food, and horse food, we wind up with a lot of bags.

I’m playing around with a few different patterns, trying to see how each one works.

The planter will then go into a glass bottle full of water, and the seeds will go in.

I’m trying to figure out a way to make them easily, so that I can use them as gifts, or sell them. Heck, I spend enough money on animal feed, I may as well make something useful from the bags.

The seeds go in tomorrow, but it will be a while before I see if the bottles work. If they do, I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to make them. Then, others who have feed rooms full of feed sacks that they can neither use nor throw away, will have some use for them.

And I will hopefully have a cute little bottle herb garden :~)

Has anyone else on here tried something like that? How did yours turn out?


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