Why I Hate the Babylon Bee

If you’re friends with “modern” christians on facebook, chances are pretty good that you have heard of  The Babylon Bee.

If not, it’s a website that is run under the name of satire. It is referred to as a christian version of The Onion.

Their posts are fake news. Some of them are so obviously fake that I worry about the intelligence of the world in general when I see people claiming that the article is real news. But some sort of straddle the line between fake and “could be real”.

Now, on the one hand, I sort of think that if you’re willing to believe “news” that you get from only one news source, and you don’t bother checking, then it’s your own dang fault if you are taken in.

But on the other hand, the website is total B.S.

The point of fake news sites is to print lies that almost sound real.

When I was little, we had a rule that we weren’t allowed to say “Mom said”, unless Mom actually said it. For example, if I told my sister that Mom said to share her cookies, Mom had better have said it.

Otherwise, Carla could call me on it and ask Mom if she really said it. And if Mom hadn’t, I would be in big trouble. Not only would I get the cookies, I make also have to go without cookies for the next few days.

I could have said, “You should share your cookies with me.” or “It would be really nice if you shared your cookies with me.”, and that would be ok. But tacking ‘Mom said’ onto it sort of made it news when we were that age. And that was wrong to do, even when we were small.

I’ve never really gotten the appeal of fake news sites. That’s my personal take on them. I never understood why lies are considered satire, which is considered an art form.

The definition of satire is:  “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.”

I enjoy a good political cartoon as much as the next person. Notice I say good…I don’t like all political cartoons.

But fake news is not satire or political cartoons. Fake news is nothing but lies.

The world, and especially the US are inundated with fake news. It has become a big problem. People pick and choose what to believe, because it’s probably all fake anyway.

And here we have a christian site which is dedicated to spreading even more false news.

Go figure.

I see christians posting this crap, and it genuinely makes me seethe. If you want to post fiction, post something that is honest about being fiction. Don’t post fake news stories that you know will make people freak out.

When you think something really is news, double check before you re-post it. You may sometimes post something that is wrong, but at least make an effort.


5 thoughts on “Why I Hate the Babylon Bee

  1. Lighten up. Satire is not the same as fake news. The essence of comedy is that it is supposed to be close to true but not fully true..


    1. No, satire is not true, and it’s different than comedy. And the point of writing blogs is to share your opinion. And I shared mine. You can lighten up and not tell people what their opinion should be.


  2. Too funny – I get it. This blog is just satire. You couldn’t possibly be being truthful that you feel this way. Hahahahaha – You are good.


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