Making New Friends

I was going to post a picture of one of my own pups as my “friend” picture. But you guys see plenty of them, and I just got this picture today.


This little guy belongs at the farm next door to the place where the craft show was located. Apparently when there’s activity going on, he comes to investigate and make new friends.

I was very popular with him, because I was happy to pet him as much as he wanted.

And I had a McDonald’s bag with the wrapper from my egg and cheese biscuit. I think that attracted him as well.

After a little while though, his human Mom noticed where he was, and came to take him back home. He came over to me, and threw himself down onto my feet with an attitude of, “I’m not leaving, you can’t make me.”, and made his Mom pick him up and carry him home.

Even though it caused trouble for the human, I’m sort of hoping he’s there for the next craft show :~)

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