DIY Postcards

Have you ever thought about making your own postcards? Maybe there wasn’t a good selection at the place where you vacationed.

Or maybe you have Miranda’s opinions on holidays, but want to pretend that you’ve been to a fantastic destination.

Seriously, if you’ve not seen Miranda, you need to. It’s a British show, and it is amazing. This is from the episode “Holiday”.

I wanted to make some postcards for my Kickstarter backers. I didn’t have too many that needed to be sent, and I didn’t really want to order 100 postcards that I’d then have to use up. Especially since they’d all be the same picture.

So here is what I did.

  • Supplies needed:
    Glue (I used Elmer’s glue. If you want something that is sure to not ruin your photos, use something that is photo safe. I’m not expecting these to be keepsakes, so Elmer’s was fine)
  • Photos. 4×6 makes a good postcard size. Be careful if you try larger prints, as they may end up in a different mailing bracket, and will not take only postcard stamps.
  • Paintbrush
  • Small container for glue. Preferably with a lid.
  • Cardstock
  • Pen
  • Scissors

DSCF0396 (2)

Mix glue with water to make it more liquid. 1 part glue to 1 part water seemed to be good, but use what you think is good. The glue I used was from another project and had a little more water in it, which seemed to make the cards curl a little more than expected. So beware of that.

DSCF0382 (2)

With 4×6 photos, I was able to fit 3 to a sheet of cardstock, without too much waste. Place books or notebooks on top, to weight them down while they dry. Be careful that there isn’t glue sticking out which will stick the sheets together.

DSCF0397 (2)

Cut the cards out, getting close enough to the photos that there isn’t paper showing.

If the cards are still a little curved, weight them down with a book again for a little while.

DSCF0398 (2)

Using a ruler, or something else with a straight edge (I used the cover of my notebook), put a vertical line at about the 1/3 point. You can measure if you want, but I sort of eyeballed it.

Then make 3 horizontal lines for the address.

If you want to get fancy, or if you are giving blank postcards as gifts, you can get fancy with it, and put a “place stamp here” square in the top right-hand corner. Since I’ll be putting the stamps on and mailing them, I didn’t think I needed directions on where to place the stamps.



Eventually, you’ll have a nice little pile of cards that actually look like postcards with your own photos on them.


One piece of advice? Make sure that your cards are all upright when you are putting the address lines on them…I have a couple where the back ended up upside down compared to the front.

But that’s ok. Those will be sent to people who will be amused by that fact. And, you know, stamps with the picture upside down are worth a lot more money, so maybe postcards are too :~)

Have you made your own postcards? What did you do differently? I’d love to see some photos.


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