Better to Not Understand

In light of the Manchester suicide bomber, you hear a lot of people saying that they just don’t understand, and they want to understand why someone would do a thing like that.

I don’t want to understand.

It’s a smaller issue, but a few years ago, my brother got married to a complete nutter whose family sucked him in. Since then, he has refused to speak to us, or to other members of our family, or to any friends from his life before marriage.

It was a common thing, for people to say that they wished they understood why he left us.

But I don’t.

The reason that we can’t understand why people can kill others, or leave their families, or abuse animals, or other things like that, is because we could never dream of doing the same.

To really understand it, your mind would have to somehow work like that person’s mind. And I don’t want to have even a trace of that hatred, that makes me think that there may be a circumstance in which walking into a crowd of children and opening fire is an ok thing to do.

I don’t want to know how someone can think that it is a good plan to abandon your family, who you’ve been close to for 25 years.

I don’t want to know how a person can think it’s ok to abuse animals, or children, even to the point of death.

It’s a canary in a coal mine sort of situation. The world may be mental, but you’re still doing relatively ok if you watch the news and can’t believe how crappy everything is.

It’s when you stop wondering how people can do the evil that they do; that’s when you should worry about yourself.


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