Go Away Already

I’m starting to wonder if we’re ever going to get a reprieve from all of this rain.

I know it’s typically good for the crops and whatnot, but it’s to the point that farmers are a little concerned that the tiny new plants will drown or wash away if the weather doesn’t change.

I’ve resigned myself to having wet feet, and skidding around in the yard for the duration of this weather.

And, yes, I think the skidding around is kind of fun, but I must say, it’s more fun when it is deliberate, not when I have to watch my step at every moment as I am doing chores.

My mint likes the wet spring, but that’s about it.

I want to work with my horses, which is a little tough with the ground this slick. Especially when we’re not used to each other yet. I don’t want early rides to be in the mud, because if the early rides go bad, it’s harder for future rides. And the roundpen is totally too wet unless I want one of them to skid right through a panel.

I know it’s good to get plenty of rain, especially since we didn’t get much snow, so didn’t have the moisture from that this year.

But really, enough is enough for now. The ground can’t absorb any more til it dries out a little, and I’m tired of everything being soggy.

Scarlet, hunkered down to keep her new babies dry in their nest, seems to agree with me on the rain thing.

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