A Call to Action

Ironic, that the prompt for today is survive, when a part of this country’s history is fighting for survival.

Under the new administration, and the budget cuts being made, yet another population of innocents are facing devastation and ruin as the BLM suggests an opportunity to cut down on expenses, and raise money by selling wild horses to meat buyers.

I have a lot to say about this. But I’ll edit, because most of what is going through my head right now uses language that I probably shouldn’t put on social media. I’m trying to run a fairly clean blog, and that could be shot out of the water in a single post.

The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group is trying to get authorization to use PZP (http://www.sccpzp.org/what-is-pzp/ This gives a basic explanation of how PZP works), which is a contraceptive that can be administered via dart. But they can’t yet get the authorization.

No authorization for a shot which will prevent pregnancy, but allowing the slaughter of wild horses so that cattle can have their space? There’s something wrong with this picture. The BLM could even make their adoption process (something I’ve looked at) easier, while still not allowing them to be sold for slaughter. Pretty sure that would help get the adoption numbers up, without people buying them to be killed.

And yes, I realize that selling them without the caveat that they can’t be slaughtered doesn’t automatically mean that every horse sold will definitely be killed. But it’s a start down a really bad path that we need to stay far away from.

Call your representatives and senators. This page gives a good explanation of what is needed. Look up who you should be talking to. It sounds like you’ll mostly just be talking to an operator who is only supposed to be taking yes and no answers, so don’t scream at them.

Also…just a quick plug here…good reason to go vegetarian. A lot of this, from everything I have read, comes from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. They claim that there are horses starving to death, and irreversible damage is being done to Western rangeland, but cattle do just as much, if not more, damage. But hey…it’s about the money, right?

Let’s do our best to make this country not be all about the money. The whole world is becoming a sad, sad place. I don’t know what will happen, and I don’t know if we’ve gone too far down the slippery slope to do anything about it anymore. But I guess if we don’t try, we’ll never know.

Anyway, I hate talking on the phone, but I will be calling my rep and sen tomorrow. Will you join me?


Not my photo, but one from the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, in AZ. A couple of horses they have cared for after the foals lost their Moms. The big one is from last year, the little one from just a few days ago. They deserve life.

Oh, and I have given up claiming that I will seldom post on political topics. If it matters to me, I’ll post it.


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