Not the Same Hobbit

“Already, he was a very different hobbit from the one that had run out, without a pocket handkerchief, from Bag End long ago.”

I have been listening to The Hobbit, and being reminded that the book was awesome, even though the movies were crap.

Despite the fact that you’ve probably never gone on a quest with a group of dwarves who need a 14th member of their group, and a burglar, Bilbo’s journey reflects the journeys a lot of us take.

You start out not knowing exactly where you’re going, or even why you’re leaving the comforts of home.

For a while, you might feel a little unmoored. Or even a lot unmoored. You start to wonder why you listened to Gandalf and started on this adventure.

But then you realize that the adventure is actually what has been missing from your life.

Maybe the desire for adventure has been there within you for your whole life, but you’ve been ignoring it.

Perhaps the desire was not there at all until your own “Gandalf” came along and planted it there.

But whatever the case, you probably started out, still thinking that you needed your pocket handkerchiefs and your six meals per day.

But how long did it take for you to learn that you didn’t need those things (of course, depending upon where you went, you may still be getting six meals a day whether you were actually used to it before or not.

Eventually, you reach the point where adventure is worth more than comfort, and you even begin to forget about the touches of home you thought you couldn’t live without.

I feel like each trip I take moves me farther from the need for pocket handkerchiefs. I still love home, and I love coming home after a trip, but I feel less and less like i need the comforts of home while I am on a trip.


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