Knit Cat DIY Two Ways

Sometimes I enjoy knitting something big, which will keep me occupied for a while. I’m actually in the middle of a blanket, which was intended to be a baby blanket, though I have since learned that I don’t estimate stitch numbers very well, and it’s going to be a full-sized blanket. Decided to just go with it :~)


But other times, it is nice to have a piece which will knit up quickly, and provide nearly instant gratification.

And it is even nicer when you can make two different items from one pattern.

If you like cats, and simple knit projects, here is a little pattern for you.

You can use whatever size needle you want, and gauge isn’t a big deal (even better, right?). I typically use something between size 4 and size 8 needles for these pieces.



Cat toy/coin purse
Worked in garter stitch.


  • CO 12 st
  • K 1 row
  • K1, inc 1 st, k to last st, inc 1 st, k1. Repeat row until you have 20 st (4 rows)
  • K 25 rows
  • K 7 st. Leave on needle, or place on st holder. BO 6 st. K remaining 7 st.



Working first 7 st:

  • K2tog, k3, k2tog (5 st)
  • k 4 rows
  • K2tog, k1, k2tog (3 st)
  • K 2 rows
  • K2tog, k1
  • K2tog, pull tail through.

Rep with remaining 7 stitches. I weave the new yarn in before I start the second ear so that the stitches aren’t loose. The side where you weave in the end will be the backside of your piece, and should be the side where all ends are woven in.

DSCF9434 (2)

Make two pieces. Weave in ends.

Embroider a face on one piece. You can use my pictures as a pattern, or make up your own faces. When I use the variegated yarn, I use a solid complementing colour for the face. Using the same variegated yarn seems to make the face disappear. But that is totally up to you.

If you are making a coin purse, weave all ends in, leaving the backside nice and clean. If making a cat toy, the ends don’t have to be woven in, but be sure that they are fastened solidly.

Starting at the inside of one ear, stitch the edges of two pieces together. Leave space between ears open.

Coin purse: Finish stitching at inside of second ear. Tie a knot and weave in end. Sew a snap into the space between the ears to keep coins from falling out.


Cat toy: When you reach the inside of the second ear, use the opening for stuffing the toy with fiberfill and catnip. Finish stitching across the opening to close toy. Tie firmly, and weave ends in.



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