Ummm…That’s Mine…

I was posting a new photo collection for sale, and started to think about the ridiculous issues that a lot of artists face.

I have been trying to sell my photos for a little while now.

In general, I don’t necessarily consider photography to be my business. I take pictures because I love taking pictures.

But since I have the photos, I may as well try to make some money off of them. At least take the edge off of my expenses. So I have been posting several that I have for sale, and I’ve printed several to sell at craft shows and whatnot.

But then friends of the family come along. In general, these people are notorious for not wanting to pay for the services that artists offer.

But they still want the services.

Some of my parents’ friends came to my table at the last craft show I was at. I didn’t expect them to buy a lot, but I was a little surprised by what was said.

One of them asked for a particular photo which has been very popular with most of the people who have seen it, a photo of a snowflake on the neck of a rooster.


I told her that I did not have one in stock, but she could order one, and I would get it to her within the week.

She laughed, and said, “No, I have it on my phone. I’ll just print it out for myself.”

Now, first off, she has it saved to her phone from facebook. Meaning that the quality isn’t that great.

And second, you just don’t say that.

I mean, I am not under any illusions that people are always honourable. But to flat out tell the artist that you will not buy their work, but you will, in essence, steal it, is just beyond rude.

I don’t want to watermark all of my photos. I do with some, but it takes too much time that I would rather spend taking more pictures. Or writing, making jewelry, reading, or pretty much anything else.

But I suppose that if people are going to steal my stuff, and they don’t care if the  quality is crap, they’d steal it with a watermark on it too, and just remove that, or cover it with a frame.

I guess that what bothered me the most about it was the fact that she stood there in front of my booth, at a very slow craft fair (I did cover my table fees, but not much more than that), and flat out told me that she was going to steal my work.

And she’s supposedly a friend.

I guess that I should get used to it, if I want to call myself an artist of any sort. People do that. How many articles have I read on just this subject?

How about you? Have you had anyone steal your work? Or blatantly tell you they were going to? What did you do about it?


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