Harry Potter and the One Where Everyone You Love Dies

***Spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows***


I was prepared for one part of the Deathly Hallows to make me cry during my re-reading (re-listening) of the book.

The death of Dobby.


Of course.

His death reminds me of the way I feel when I am reading a book about war and the faithful cavalry horse charges into battle, not because he believes in the war, but because he is loyal to his rider. And because of that loyalty, he dies.

Dobby’s loyalty is sort of that of a horse or dog. He thinks that the sun rises and sets on Harry Potter, and Harry can do no wrong in the house-elf’s eyes. Even though by this point in the books, Harry’s choices have turned his storyline into a farce of poor choices and angst.

Still, Dobby will do anything he possibly can to protect Harry and Harry’s friends.

But the part that surprised me was right at the beginning of the Battle of Hogwarts.

Students are being evacuated from the school, while adult wizards who want to fight against Voldemort are coming into the school to stand by Harry.

Tonks comes in and Harry says to her, “I thought you were supposed to be with Teddy at your Mother’s.”

I didn’t remember the line, and let me tell you, I was surprised that such a simple sentence would fill my eyes with tears.

Tonks says that her Mom will care for Teddy, and she couldn’t stand not knowing what was happening. She runs to find Lupin, and help him in the fight. True love.


And the next time we see Tonks, she is lying on the floor next to her husband, and they are both dead.

Tonks doesn’t get to give her reasoning for leaving her son, knowing that she and Lupin may both die and leave Teddy an orphan, but Lupin has a chance to come back as a ghost sort of thing for a few minutes, and we get his side of things.

Lupin tells Harry that he is sad that he will never get to know Teddy (Teddy is a newborn at the time of the battle), but he knows that his surviving friends will tell Teddy that his parents died fighting to bring about a world where their son could live without fear.

Oh my goodness.

It’s one of those things that you don’t hear people talk about too much.

It’s always Snape’s line of, “Always.”


Or Harry’s sacrifice.

Or Fred’s death, and George learning to cope without his twin.

But what about two people, so in love that they can’t let one fight without the other, and who risk their lives, knowing they’ll never see their son grow up, but believing that it’s worth the loss if they can bring him a safe life?

That’s a story to talk about.

Now, I’m not a parent. I don’t claim to really know how parents think, or understand what a parent will do to keep their child safe.

But this image of parental love really caught me.


How about you? What broke your heart or caught your attention in the Deathly Hallows?

Also…Don’t go on Pinterest and type in Tonks and Lupin. Not cool, Pinterest, not cool.



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