Don’t Make Me Stop This Car!

Have you ever noticed how, when you read humourous stories about the trials of road trips, many of them have to do with bathrooms?

It seems like road trips make people need bathroom breaks more than they would in normal life.

I recently read a story about a 3-hour road trip where the writer’s family made multiple stops to answer the call of each person’s bladder.

There were no very young children, or people who needed any special stops, they just couldn’t coordinate bladders.

For a 3-hour trip.

When I was little, we had it pretty well down that we stopped for gas, and when we stopped for gas, everyone got out to use the bathroom.

Sometimes, if it was a longer stretch, we’d stop at rest areas, but the main thing was, if we stopped, everyone used the bathroom.

That kept us from having issues where we would just get back on the road and someone would have to stop.

We were never neglected over this. We were always allowed to drink plenty of liquids, and if we had to stop, we were able to.

But, in general, we made as few extra stops as possible. And really, we were all fine with that. The fewer stops we made just to use the bathroom meant more time to sight-see and do interesting things.

Last fall, my Dad and I drove to Salt Lake City, UT.

We left around 4 pm on Tues, and arrive around noon the following day.

We pretty much stopped for gas and that was it.

Except when we let the girl riding with us have some coffee. It was hilarious, because we’d been drinking our water, and decent amounts of coffee, with no problem.

We gave our passenger about 1/2 a cup of coffee, and she had to stop to pee within about 10 minutes.

We had no qualms about banning her from having anymore coffee after that, and we made pretty good time the rest of the trip.

If ever I have kids, I hope that I am successful in teaching them to travel without needing to stop every 5 minutes to pee. It is even more useful if you travel to other countries, as they are not nearly so full of public restrooms as is the US.

This may seem like a weird thing to be so concerned about as far as travel goes, but trust me, when you’re in Africa or India, and your only option is a super dodgy looking squatty potty, you’ll be grateful that you learned from a young age to not need a toilet after every sip of water.



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