Herd Bound


Herd bound horses…

Not so much fun to deal with.

My girls have been together with really no work done with either of them for the last 6+ years.

They are really herd bound.


I’ve been taking them out on lead ropes, just on casual strolls, to see how they do alone.

They’re not excited about it, but they do pretty well.

The only problem comes when we get back in sight of the pasture, and the one I’m holding sees the one who is waiting, galloping around and whinnying.

Then the one I am leading gets upset.


They enjoy going out and grazing, they don’t spook at much, and this week…I’m just going to ride Sophie out of the pen, and see how she does.

Not sure why I’m nervous about it. I guess because I really don’t know anything about the horses.

Can’t ask the former owner, because she has no idea. The info she’s given me has been all over the place.

And I’m working with them totally solo, after about 3 years of not having my own horse.

The last horse I had was also my first one, and she was a big pony who I rode all over the place, bareback. She wasn’t necessarily a well-trained horse, but we understood each other after that long.

I feel like I’m breaking through with these mares, but trying to work out how fast to take it is a bit tough.

I don’t want to take it too slow and end up missing the summer, but I also don’t want to expect too much too soon after they’ve not done much of anything.

Though, I suppose that they should be just about rested up after this long break from work :~)

Any suggestions from horse people out there?

Tune in next week to find out how the riding goes. I’ll keep accountable with my plans so that I feel like I have to do them.



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