This is How We Ride in America

I have 18 days left in my kickstarter campaign. It’s stressful, wondering if I will get the funding for it in time. That’s the difficulty with a temporary campaign.

Yes, I chose the number of days. Yes, I knew from the start that it wasn’t open-ended, and that I would not get any of the funding if I don’t make my goal.

But not having any backers at all in the last few days makes me worry.

I am less than $200 away from my goal, but that’s still a decent chunk.

I also hate promoting myself to the point where I think it will annoy people. Though I am passionate about getting this book published, I worry that people will feel burnt out from seeing it too often.

But it won’t last forever.

I did a new update today, hoping that it would catch people’s interest. In it, I gave the start of my afterword, a story about my background with horse therapy. This afterword is called “This is How We Ride in America”, and you can click on the blue “update” link to read the intro. This, like the book itself, needs funding in order to be published.

Are you someone who may be interested in backing a book about a horse?

Especially one with an educational aspect?

Give the campaign a look, and see if you’re interested before the time is up.



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