Oh No!!!

I don’t think I’m all that abnormal as a pet owner.

I freak out over the little things on occasion.

I mean, really, have you never seen your pet do something weird, totally panicked, and then had that embarrassing realization that there is nothing wrong?

I’ll admit that I have done it numerous times.

Though, to be fair, I also caught a pretty scary UTI in my puppy when she was quite small because of that.

My sister had brought some treats for Cosette, and they ended up being one of those nasty contaminated batches you may have heard about.

May not have been such a big deal, but she was a rescue. I’d only had her for about a month, and she was still in need of a lot of TLC.

I was concerned about how an infection could screw with her still delicate insides.

And in that case, I was right to be worried.

The vet diagnosed a UTI, and gave me an RX for an antibiotic.

Let me tell you, puppies do not like orange flavoured medicine…

But most of the time, my panic is for nothing.

The cat twitches, he must be having a seizure.

A horse stumbles, she must be going lame.

And on and on it goes.

You’d think I’d be used to it, after all of these years with animals, but no.

I think it’s because there are those times, even though they’re 1 in 10 or more, that it really is something, and my worrying is justified.

So I keep worrying, even if I sometimes feel stupid.

Like when Marius was sleeping so hard when he was a baby that I thought he’d smothered to death in his bag. He was very cross when I woke him, and I felt silly.

But I still worry.

And panic…

How about it? Do you have any stories of panicking over your pets, only to find that nothing was wrong?

Tell me your stories.

Let me know I’m not entirely crazy.


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