Wandering Nearby

My wanderlust has been rearing its head for a while now.

My last international trip was a year ago, when I went to Europe.

I went to UT for my sister’s wedding, and stayed there for a week, house-sitting, and exploring, so that was fun.

But for the moment, I have to try to amuse myself with the things I can find close to home.

Wandering just a little, and finding the beauty in those short rambles.


This abandoned schoolhouse was on my way to the craft show last night. The brightness of the school and the grass with the little dandelions all through it contrasted so nicely with the angry skies and the dark bare trees.


On the way home, I got this shot of the same school house, though from the front this time instead of the side.

Wandering is, for me, the new things that you see when you leave your home.

But how about the things that you see in a new way when you’ve barely left your home?

Does that count as wandering?


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