An Introvert’s Control

I’m discovering, as I work on building up my jewelry business, that craft fairs are the bane of my existence.


I want to have control over my interactions with people.

Sitting there at my table, waiting for people to come to me, trying to work out the right amount of eye contact, that’s not my cup of tea.

Does this person want to talk?

Should I comment on the jewelry this one is wearing, or does that sound too much like I am pushing my product?

I am very introverted, and though I am perfectly able to speak with people, it wears me out constantly being “on”.

I’ve always been better at marketing in writing, though I’m not that great at that either. I don’t like to be annoyed, so I don’t like annoying people.

So I sat at my table and worked on my knitting while reading a book until people came to my table.


I tried to look welcoming, but I also tried to not look threatening.

The craft show was a short one, only 4 hours, but when I got home, I felt exhausted.

I know that the shows are good for me. Stretch the comfort zone and all of that. But I certainly hope that I can get to the point of doing most of my business through the internet, and having my face to face interactions be social interactions which I choose to have.

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