“Sniff…Sniff…Is That Spring?”


And the smells that remind you that it is indeed spring.

First, as I’ve already mentioned, there’s garlic.

This bunch had to be rescued from the vine that wanted to murder them all.

That smell announces that all of the other spring smells are on their way.

Then comes the smell of horses.

They smell different during the winter, maybe it’s because they’re not all muddy.


The smell of a warm horse is good any time of the year, but when they’re warm and dusty in the spring, there’s just something about that smell. Maybe because you know the weather will be good for lots of riding soon.

And maybe it’s better this year because I finally have my own horses to hug.

But one of the sweetest perfumes of spring is the lilac bush.


This year, the first time I noticed the scent, it was late at night.

I’d seen that the lilacs were close to blooming, but I smelled that they had bloomed before I actually saw it.


Lilacs have such a delicate smell, but it is impossible to mistake for anything else.

I actually tried once to make lilac perfume, but it didn’t work. It sort of rotted…I should try again, but I like just having them on the trees.

How about you? What is your favourite perfume of spring, or the scent that tells you it is definitely spring?


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