Pizza Garden

Today saw the start of my pizza garden.

That’s right. A pizza garden.

What do you put in a pizza garden?


Well, first, you start with tomatoes.

I think they’re happy to have more room for their little tiny roots.

This one is Roma, which will be great for sauce (as long as the chickens don’t get in the garden and eat them all).


Then we have garlic.

Lots and lots of garlic.

Once upon a time, I planted a few heads of garlic in the garden.

And then we forgot about them.

If you’ve never planted garlic before, let me tell you right now that you should never forget it. It will spread each year, and you will end up with a garden full of garlic.

The smell of garlic is one of the smells of spring around here, as it begins to come up before anything else.


I go through once in a while and separate a clump. I plant some; spreading it out more so that it can grow into proper heads, and use the rest. We’ll get it under control one day.


The next thing to go into the pizza garden is Basil.

No pictures of that yet, but it’ll be in the garden soon. I should probably grow some oregano and other spices, we’ll see.

A pizza garden.

I’m looking forward to using this one.


7 thoughts on “Pizza Garden

  1. Good stuff! This is a totally cool concept. Hooked me in too with the title! You’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it!


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