Days of Gray and Clouds

Tropical destinations don’t hold much appeal for me.

I’m talking the destination where you’re practically guaranteed sunshine and blue skies every day of your trip.

I like places with fog.

And rain.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ll gladly go to pretty much any place. I wouldn’t refuse a plane ticket somewhere just because it will be too sunny.


But I prefer a place where there is a variety of weather. Otherwise, I get a little bored with the sunshine.

I’m aware that the general opinion is that one cannot have too many sunny days on a holiday. And maybe that’s right if you only have a few days in one place.


But to me, it’s one of those things where, if you don’t have variety, how will you enjoy the weather?

Without gray days, the bright days don’t seem so bright. Without rainy, foggy days, you barely notice the sunny days.

I love walking in the fog, especially in the mountains, when you know you should see for a long distance, but you can barely see anything. And then you get to the top of the mountain just in time to watch the clouds blow away, and the sun come out.

You bask in the sun for a while, then head back down, returning to the fog, which wraps around you like a quilt.

I like bright sunny days, but I would often choose a gray day instead.



2 thoughts on “Days of Gray and Clouds

  1. Well said and so true. Applicable to life as well. Having some of the gray days makes us really appreciate the sunny days. And the vacations as well. This is why we all enjoy them so much when. We do get away – because they are a temporary respite from our daily grind of on and off gray !


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