Black Mare Monday

I’ve mentioned my new horses, and just decided to keep a bit of a journal on here of their progress and what is up with them.

Neither of the girls has been ridden in several years. They’ve also not been apart from each other, so are likely to be herd sour. I’m going to take it slow, taking them out for walks on a lead, and working with them in the roundpen. I’d rather take it slow and have all of us enjoy our experience than to zip right to taking them out in the woods for a trail ride and have one of us get hurt.

So join us on our journey as we grow to know and trust one another, and learn together.

First, a quick intro. I’ve not had them long, but I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about them so far.


This is Sophie. Both of the girls are roughly the same age (don’t have their paperwork, so I’m not entirely certain of ages, but that’s what I’ve been told), but I tend to refer to her as the older one. She just seems older and steadier. Maybe a result of her training, maybe simply a matter of personality. She is sweet and level-headed.
However, I have found that, like many horses with a higher level of training, she also knows how to get out of doing work. Walking just out of my reach when I come out with the halter, trying to walk right in my pocket when I take her out for a stroll, things like that. Nothing mean, she’s never tried to kick or bite, she just tries to get out of work.
But we came across a wild turkey on our stroll the other day, and it flew right up in front of us. Sophie didn’t bat an eye. I think she’ll be pretty steady under saddle without much time.
And yes, I named her after Colonel Potter’s horse on M*A*S*H :~)
They look nothing alike, but it seemed to fit.


And this is Isis. Named for the Egyptian goddess, not the bad version of Isis…
She has the more Arab look to her, and a bit more of the attitude. She also has a bit less training. From what I could gather, it sort of sounds like she was only green broke. It could be interesting to find out. She was very nervous when we picked them up, and was covered with sweat, while Sophie was fairly chill about it all.
Despite that, Isis is very self-aware. Even when she is upset, she knows where she is in relation to the little human (me) holding her, and she is careful not to bash a head into me, or trample me, or do anything else of the sort. Whatever else she knows, she actually has better ground manners than Sophie. I hope that translates well to riding.
I would love to teach Isis to pull a cart. We have a little sulky style cart that would fit her, and I am pretty sure that we have a harness her size. She would look stunning pulling a cart.

Both of the mares come to me for attention out in the pasture, despite the fact that they’ve not known me long. I’ve been pretty well avoiding the use of treats at this point, hoping that they will come to me for affection, rather than for treats. So far, it seems to be working.
Though…this morning, I was out in the pasture and when I called Isis, I heard thudding footsteps behind me. It was Marius, running like a madman across the pasture to me. Cats don’t make working with horses any easier.

For more of these lovely girls, check out #yourmajestysophie, and #isbillis on instagram.

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