Avidly Substituting

Spring…Things are growing in the garden, and we finally have something coming up other than the garlic that was coming up in February.



Always a sign of spring.

Being a fairly avid baker, I have been looking forward to the rhubarb being big enough that I could use it.

I looked yesterday for a new recipe to try out (I usually stick to rhubarb crisp, which is amazing, but thought I’d go for something new).

I found this recipe for rhubarb banana bread.

It said it took just one large stalk of rhubarb, but for me, it took 3. Perhaps I chopped them a little too fine.


I didn’t have allspice (because I seldom do), so I put nutmeg in along with the cinnamon. I was a little concerned about it when I smelled it baking, but it tasted great. Successful substitute…

I also used white flour, as you can probably tell, because that’s just what I had.


It could have used a few minutes more in the oven. The moisture in the rhubarb means that there’s a damp spot around the little pieces. Again, maybe because I chopped it too fine. Also, whole wheat flour may have dried it up a little more.

But hey, what is baking if you can’t throw in a couple of substitutions as you go? Usually it all works out (this one was good. I’ll totally make it again, and see what I do differently this time), though if it doesn’t, at least you’ve learned something.

And that’s the joy of baking.


4 thoughts on “Avidly Substituting

    1. Oh, I feel you. It is an easy thing to miss. I’ve been away from home during the growing season several times, and I miss it so much. I’m lucky though, because this patch has been growing since I was little. So if I’m home, there’s rhubarb all summer.

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