Spike of Spice

Today was a great day to work in the garden. Or in the greenhouse, rather.

I transplanted some stuff I had started in the house, into pots in the garden.

Including my little ginger plants.

Almost all of them had little tiny growths on them, and should be a lot happier in their much larger pot.

I was particularly impressed with one though, that had a much bigger spike growing from it.


It’s funny, because I’d seen the sprouts on some of the others, but this one must have been deeper in the soil, and I had no idea it was sprouted.

Maybe that’s the key…plant them deeper, and they have to fight for the light, which creates stronger sprouts, and hopefully, stronger plants in general.

Here’s hoping the little guy enjoys its new home, and grows lots of ginger for me to use.


6 thoughts on “Spike of Spice

    1. It is pretty easy. This page https://dailyhealthpost.com/how-to-grow-ginger-in-a-container/ gives pretty good directions. One thing though, the growth buds will probably not be as pronounced as in the picture they show. It will be more like a little lump on the root.
      I always just get ginger from the store, and cut off the pieces with eyes, soak them overnight, and stick them in a pot. Then I use the rest for tea :~)
      You are also supposed to be able to use the leaves for cooking or making tea, though the taste won’t be so strong. Google it to find suggestions on using the leaves.

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