Becoming Boxcar Children Part 2

Part one here

Sometimes, smaller tasks wind up far more challenging than the big tasks.

For example…Sliding my boxcar over a few feet. We didn’t measure the distance, but it was maybe 15 feet or so. Doesn’t sound all that challenging, considering the fact that we brought it all the way up the driveway, a distance several times what we planned to move it today.

But for that movement, we had the use of 2 tractors. And an axle. This time, we were moving it sideways, in an area where there were too many trees around to really get the tractor in. So we had to be a little more imaginative. Or…Dad had to be imaginative. I was just there to add what little muscle I possess.

First, we had to jack it up and put it on poles instead of the axle. On top of the poles, we had channel iron, on the premise that the metal container would slide more readily on metal than it would on dirt or wood. Jacking it up was a bit of a challenge though, as you can see in this picture…

Yes, my feet are really on the side of the container. No, my back is not on the ground.

But, after a while, we got it high enough to put the poles underneath, and it was ready to move. Hard part done, right?

Well, hard part kind of done. The South end was pretty easy after this point. There was enough room to get the tractor in to push on the south end. And with the container being on the metal, it shifted very nicely, even for the little tractor.

The North end was as different story. Because of the trees surrounding it, there wasn’t really a way to get the tractor in to push it over. So that wound up being a bit more of a challenge. We ran a chain under the container, then hooked it to a come-along that was fastened to a tree to the west of the container. Then we pulled it over by hand, so to speak.

Dad did a much better job with the come-along than did I. This was the point where I had a little snit because I was too much of a girl and didn’t have the weight/muscle to do the come-along very well.


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