Faith and Hot Cross Buns

Last year, I sort of lost my faith.

This year, I’ve not really been bothered.

I was making hot cross buns, and recognized the irony of making a bun to celebrate a holiday when I don’t know how I feel about said holiday.

It’s like fasting during Ramadan, even though I’m not a Muslim.

It made me decide that I need to learn what I believe.

I can’t just go off of the faith that I claimed as a child. I can’t claim to believe things but not know what it truly is.

So I have to work it out for myself, and I am determined to do so.

I hope within the next year, but I don’t know how long it will really take. As long as I make good progress in the next year, I’ll be happy with it.

Funny what hot cross buns can trigger.

Not only do they make me consider my faith, but they taste lovely too :~)

One thought on “Faith and Hot Cross Buns

  1. I sort of relate to this, as while I’ve blindly followed all traditions this year, as I do every year, people and things that I’ve encountered in the past year have got me to think a lot about what I believe, and how much I accept all these things that I’ve sort of just taken for granted.
    For instance, I gave up eating desserts this Lent, and I stand by my decision, but I’m not really able to give any reasoning for it, or justify it to anyone who asks why I do it. And as I tend to consider myself a generally rational person, that leaves me feeling pretty contradictory.

    Who knows, perhaps by next year I too will have a better idea of what I believe, and how those beliefs are going to translate into actions.


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