Seriously, Mare?

In early December, I was offered a pair of horses.

DSCF6568 (2)
Excuse the mud…black horses in the spring are almost as bad as white horses :~)

15 year old black Polish Arab mares.

For free.

Yes please.


Believe it or not, finding a horse trailer in the Midwest during winter is not an easy thing.

I found one, and they decided they couldn’t do it.

Found another, but I’d have to also borrow their truck. But my Dad (who was going to be my driver), wasn’t keen on borrowing a truck and trailer.

So I waited and worried and wondered if I’d ever be able to get these horses.

It rained and rained, which is typical of an IL spring, but not wildly conducive to hauling horses to a new home.

I finally caught a break.

We’ve had a few days of dry-ish weather, and figured we’d better move fast.


Got there, got them loaded into the trailer (amazingly fast, considering they’d not been trailered in 10+ years), and brought them home.

We put the mares in their pen, and they explored, and went to investigate our other horses.

Not sure what to think about the mini horses.

And it turns out, after all of this waiting, we brought them home right at the point when one of them is in heat. Which our gelding is happy about, but it’s causing some unrest among all of the mares. More than just the usual “new horses in a herd” unrest.

DSCF6576 (2)

Quite timely, no? I mean, seriously…it just kind of figures.

If you want to see more photos of these two new girls, check out #yourmajestysophie, and #workingtitlebill on Instagram




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