Tear it all Down

Well…this was supposed to be for yesterday’s prompt, but a little fiasco with the cat walking across the keyboard and disabling my touchpad sort of threw things off. But since I have it written, may as well post it.

As a knitter, I am far too familiar with that feeling that comes when you look at the piece you’re working on, only to see that you made a mistake.

About 30 rows back (I read while I knit…it takes me a while sometimes to see mistakes).

The flash of irritation, the quick scan to see if there’s anything that I can do to fix it without tearing anything out. Of course, that is seldom possible.

So I sigh, pull out my needle, and start to pull.

I’ve learned, after having that happen several times, that you may as well enjoy watching everything¬†unravel. There’s something about it that is like picking at a scab. It hurts, but it is somehow satisfying. It’s especially kind of fun when you’re using a smaller needle, so it comes out smoothly.

So you can either grumble and complain, and hate every moment as you’re tearing out your work, or you can accept it and get some sort of amusement out of the process.

And then, you slide your needles back into the piece, count to make sure you have the right number of stitches (because otherwise, you’ll be doing this again sooner than you’d like), and get to work again.

You promise yourself that you’ll pay closer attention this time, and you do.

For a while.

But then, you get caught up in a tv show, or your book (or audiobook), and eventually, you have the same problem again. But that’s part of being a knitter. Get used to it.


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