When the Heat is In You



I came across this quote the other day, and it is certainly accurate for me.

I was always told that, when you write, you should write in order. Start at chapter one, and continue to the end of the book.

But I can’t write like that.

If I do, it gets super stilted, and sounds like I don’t know what I am doing.

My notebook doesn’t start at the front and continue to the back (yes, when I am writing a story, I write most of it longhand in a notebook to start with).

I have a bit of writing at the start, and a number of pages later, there’s something from several chapters in the future. I try to keep it sort of in order, so I then fill in the spaces between these sections.

Should I follow someone’s advice? No. I would never get anything of any quality written that way. Should you follow my style of writing? That’s up to you. You can give it a try, but there’s nothing that says that it will be good for you.

Whatever style you choose though, write when the story is in your head. Wake up if you have thoughts on your story just as you’re drifting off. Jot something down in your notebook if you’re busy with another job, so it will trigger your writing when you are able to sit down. Record a video or an audio file on your phone if you’re out walking your dog when inspiration hits. Or teach your dog to stand quietly while you write. Any author’s dog should do this (mine don’t…).


The biggest thing is to be tenacious. Don’t give up your life to force writing to come when it isn’t there, but be committed to writing when the heat is in you.

How do you write? In order, or out of order? Or does it change all the time? Maybe it pays  to be unpredictable. Then writer’s block doesn’t know where to strike.


7 thoughts on “When the Heat is In You

  1. I’m a bit of each but like you I write longhand in a notebook and the. Type it up. And I have my best thoughts in bed before I drift off to sleep! 😃🐻


    1. The pre-sleep thoughts are the worst in my opinion. Best thoughts, but you’re snuggled down, and then you have to get up and write, and disturb all the cats…But if you capture something good, it’s ok :~)

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  2. I save any random thought even if its a word in the memos of my phone in form of bullets. When i have a list of enough bullets i email that to myself. Its easier to copy paste it to proper document/blog when i m writing.


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