My Hero…

This is a picture of Cosette on our walk yesterday.


She spent most of the day following me around, trembling and trying to climb into my lap, because they’ve been blasting next door. We live between a gravel quarry, and some place where they test various explosives and whatnot. Sometimes it’s loud here. And the dogs don’t get used to it. Especially Cosette.

But this shot was immediately after she chased a big coyote through the woods, away from me, my other dog Leaf, and the two cats who were with us. You can tell just by looking at her that she was pleased to have been our protector.

She doesn’t like the big scary noises, but when push comes to shove, and there’s a coyote in our path, she’ll take care of us.


For more pictures of Cosette, check out #cosettethesundog on Instagram

6 thoughts on “My Hero…

    1. Could be. Or tiny sounds that people can’t hear. My dogs are constantly barking at trucks going by on the road, and our house is set back a quarter of a mile from the road.


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