Do Not Pass Go

Well, if you’ve been reading my blogs for any length of time, you’ve seen plenty of missing cat drama.

You know that I have a slight attachment to my cats. Yes, the bond with Marius is the strongest, but I love all of them.


This is Scarlet. If you seen any pictures I’ve shared of kittens, Scarlet is their Mom.

Scarlet often reminds me of The Cat that Walked by Himself from Kipling’s story. She is a lot more independent than many of the cats we have. Though, she did have her kittens in my bed this fall… (I’ll write up her story in the next few days or so).

She’s one of the best Mother cats we’ve ever had, and cares for her kittens until they’re approximately the same size she is.

And then she leaves for a little while to wean them cold turkey.

So when she wandered off, I wasn’t too concerned at all.

For a few days.

Then she was gone a little longer than she usually is.

And I started to worry.

I checked various places she often was.

I even checked the pool, concerned that she may have fallen in.

I thought about asking the neighbours, since she has been over there before, but we figured that they would let us know if they had her. They recognize her, and have told me before when she has been there.

So I didn’t ask them.

Thinking they were nice people.

I won’t make that mistake again.

My folks were out to supper with them tonight, and they suddenly announced, “We’re really enjoying Laura’s cat.”

That’s right…they knew she was my cat, there was no confusion there.

And they know how worried I get about my cats.

And still, they kept her there, feeding her and not telling me that she was there.

I don’t know their reasoning.

I’ve been trying to figure it out, and I don’t know.

There’s been some animosity from them since a disagreement a few months ago, no matter what I do, so maybe it was spite.

But you don’t mess with someone’s cat.

I couldn’t care less what they say about me. I’m not wildly bothered about what people think of me.

But keeping my cat ranks pretty high on rotten things you can do. They feed Scarlet large amounts of canned food when she’s there, as though they are trying to teach her that it is the place to be. They give her a little private sleep area where she doesn’t have other cats bothering her. And they keep her presence a secret.

I suppose I should be glad that they don’t do anything harmful to her, but in my opinion, they should certainly be on Santa’s naughty list permanently.

Rant over.






3 thoughts on “Do Not Pass Go

  1. Argh, how annoying! That happened to my childhood cat with some neighbours, although I’m sure it wasn’t out of spite. They were elderly and I don’t think they realised what they were doing. Suki never used to spend much time at home and we found out why the day we moved home! My dad couldn’t find Suki so he went next door to ask if they’d seen her. One of the old ladies welcomed dad into the house and there was my cat curled up on their sofa! “Suki likes her tuna” she said. Well no shit! Funnily enough, as soon as we moved, Suki changed completely into the most loving and sweet cat and she was always home.


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