Going Nowhere

It’s weird to think that my passport has expired.

The first time since 2007 that I couldn’t leave the country spur of the moment if something came up.

Since I was young, my Mom always said to not ever be without a passport.

She got this from the scene in Only You, where they are about to leave for Europe to chase after Damon Bradley, but the one friend can’t go because she doesn’t have her passport.

Ironic, since the last time we were at Niagara Falls as a family, I could have gone to Canada, because I had my passport with me (for a US road trip…I know…), but Mom hadn’t packed her passport or Dad’s.

I traveled last spring, to Europe, and knew that my passport would be expiring soon. And really, they sort of expire 6 months before the date printed on them since many places won’t let you travel unless you’ll be leaving 6 months before your passport expires.

I had tentative plans of going to Bolivia after the Europe trip, so I was going to rush the passport process, but that fell through.

I had my sister’s wedding to go to in the fall, so I knew that I wouldn’t be traveling anywhere other than that. And I don’t (so far) need a passport to go to Salt Lake City.

My folks travel in the middle of winter, leaving me to keep the home fires burning (literally, since we heat with wood). No travel during that time.

There are various other things over the summer keeping me from traveling, so I’ve just been slow at getting my passport renewed.

But I keep talking about international travel in the fall, and if I don’t get this thing sent in soon, I’ll be stuck in the US no matter what else I want to do.

It’s a strange feeling when I think about it, knowing that if someone dropped a plane ticket to India in my lap right now, I couldn’t go.

I should probably do something about this.


4 thoughts on “Going Nowhere

  1. I love “Only You”! And I think that scene might have affected me the same way that it did your mom, to be honest. I hadn’t contemplated why I’m always so careful about having my passport with me, but I bet it has something to do with watching that movie when I was young, lol.


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