A Fortune in Greece

Fortune doesn’t always have to do with money.

I was volunteering on Lesvos, in Greece this spring, and I didn’t have that much cash.

I was hoping to find somewhere fairly cheap to stay, though most places were 20 euros and up. A little much when you’re volunteering and have already spent a fair chunk on the trip. But I really wanted to volunteer on Lesvos, and there were groups that needed the help.

I started working with one group, and when I told them where I was staying, they said I should move closer (I had a room at a guesthouse about 20 minutes by scooter from where I’d be volunteering). But there was nowhere under 30 euros anywhere closer.

So they said that I should move into the hotel that was being turned into a receiving area for refugees. I could be the “night watchman”, which just meant I’d be sleeping there, not that I would have to stay up and keep an eye out.

And just like that, I was the only inhabitant of a gorgeous old hotel on a Greek Island; a hotel that sat just up from the shoreline.


I woke to this view…


I worked in the garden during the day.


I spent a lot of evenings on the beach, with tea and biscuits, and a good book on my phone (this one was A Wrinkle in Time), watching the sunset.


And I even had a chance during the trip to see the Pope…

Who says fortune has anything to do with money?

Money may make life easier in a way, but it is definitely more interesting when you have to find or make your own good fortune.


3 thoughts on “A Fortune in Greece

  1. The Greek Islands are indeed a special place; Santorini being my favourite! I just loved the white and blue buildings and of course the sea and sunshine! Sunsets to die for too 😃


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